Das Shore Community Update aus dem Mai 2024

Shore Community Update: News, Insights, and a Behind-the-Scenes Look

At Shore, maintaining a strong connection with customers and partners is a top priority. It’s crucial to stay informed about the latest developments in the Shore system while also gaining a genuine insight into the team’s daily work.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new format: the Shore Community Update! In these videos, we will regularly share exciting information, current news, and interesting insights. The goal is to keep everyone up to date and provide a platform for exchange and feedback.

In the first edition, we’ve put together some highlights. From new features and improvements in the Shore system to intriguing stories from our team, there’s something for everyone. The video aims to be both entertaining and informative.

We highly value your feedback! Let us know how you liked the video and what topics you would like to see in the future. This helps us tailor the updates to your interests and needs.

A small PS at the end: We heard your suggestions – a new microphone has already been ordered and will ensure even better sound quality. 🙈

Enjoy the first Shore Community Update!

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