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Shore Customers – William Collier Design in Seattle

by | 25. April 2018

With Shore Customer Management William and Judi have a clear overview of all their client data and can coordinate appointments easily and flexibly. 3 new clients a week can be traced directly back to the online booking system, the number of cancelled appointments has been reduced by 60% through the text message reminder function and 100% of their clients are satisfied with Shore’s services.


new clients a week can be traced directly back to the online booking system


lower number of cancelled appointments through the text message reminder function


of their clients are satisfied with Shore’s services.

About William Collier Design

William Collier began his career in 1968 as an innovative part of one of Seattle’s most prestigious salons. This position allowed contact with a well-traveled clientele, which inspired the pursuit of additional training in Europe and Britain. William trained in one of London’s most creative and prestigious training centers, at the same time enjoying the exciting fashion districts of London and Paris. While following the European hair design circuit for many years William gained an understanding of the art of hair design, and the distinction between art and trend. By 1972 William opened “Salon West” in Seattle and one year later “Collier’s” in the fashion district of downtown Seattle.

As hair and fashion began another shift William felt the desire to return to Europe. At this time an association with a Europe- an hair replacement specialist was established. William found himself attracted to the highly technical nature of the hair replacement business as well as the very personal impact it has on the community. William pursued the hair replacement field, while maintaining his existing clientele. William Collier Design has been built on referrals from the medical community, foundations, and affiliations such as the American Cancer Society. He knew that this was what he wanted to do, make the world a better place through his salon skills. In the spring of 1993, William joined the American Hair Loss Council, the largest organization providing hair loss training and up-to-date technology available in the industry. William’s devotion and commitment to the art of hair replacement has provided him recognition as a Certified Hair Addition Specialist. Now bringing 20+ years of experience to the hair replacement field, his abilities continue to raise the bar in technique and design in his prestigious Salon, William Collier Design. William Collier and Judi Wyant run the salon, focusing on hair loss solutions and being the go-to place where their clients feel safe and taken care of. They are even planning to open a wig store with great quality in the near future.

The Challenge

While William, the hair magician, does the artistic creations; Judi is responsible for managing the salon. This comes with client consultations, appointment scheduling, and book work. Previously, many appointment requests were coming through via Email. This would take a lot of time, as numerous back and forth messages were being sent before an actual appointment was set. Judi was also having to manually send appointment reminders via Email, which took up a lot of unnecessary time. Because William and Judi focus all their emotions and energy on their clients, there is not a lot of time left for getting the necessary data entry in. Furthermore, client consultations are very emotional and it is Judi’s priority that their customers feel safe and taken care of. “I never interrupt consultations, and they take up most of my day. Therefore a lot of missed calls were coming through and people were unable to make appointments”

Bild von William Collier

“We want our customers to feel safe and give them the ability to book and appointment online, even when our salon is closed. This way they can be assured that they already have an appointment; they have done something”

William and Judi knew that people with hair loss problems need hope and the feeling that they can do something about it. Having to call or Email the salon was not an ideal way to pursue this action. Therefore, William and Judi knew that a software solution was needed to make this process quicker and easier for their clients.

The Solution

Judi had heard of salon software providers, but hesitated because she didn’t think that these software solutions could meet the needs of their unique and specialized services. When a Shore Sales representative got in contact with Judi and showed her the software, she was sold.

Bild von William Collier

“I was amazed; I finally found a software that could really work for our salon!”

Now William and Judi’s customers can book their appointments conveniently through the William Collier Design website and Facebook page with the online booking system. This saves a lot of time and makes it easier for their clients to get through. Thanks to the unlimited automatic text message reminders, the number of no-shows has decreased immensely and clients call in time to cancel an appointment if they are unable to make it. They have also received a lot of positive feedback from their clients through the feedback function; with many of their customers owing their retrieved willingness to get up in the morning to William Collier Design. Furthermore, many of their clients are even starting to prefer booking their appointments online. William and Judi have also gotten the Shore Merchant App, and are excited to start using it in the near future in order to create an even stronger line communication with their clients.

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