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Top Pain Points for Small Businesses: How to Overcome the Struggles.

by | 9. August 2017

Struggles for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are trainers, plumbers, contractors, mechanics, beauticians … and they’re experts in what they do and not necessarily in the day to day management of a business. Most of the frustrations of small businesses owners come from: going over invoices, managing customer appointments or searching for customers instead of completing a job. Let’s get down to it, in this article I will cover the tasks we all dread.

Large company competition is another issue. There are only 24 hours in a day, and when you’re in charge of accounting, marketing, dealing with customers and managing the business and jobs, the day will seems a lot shorter. Not having the same resources as a large company does can really wear an owner of a small business.

Here are a few examples of the top pain points for small businesses and the solutions for those problems.

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1. Not Enough Time in the day? Time Management!

How many times a day do you say – “I don’t have enough time”? Lack of time is a common problem that every small business owner has to deal with. To complicate matters, small business owners face the challenges of trying to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and save money for their businesses. That’s no small task when time is so tight.

Ensuring that you have enough time in a day is important for small business, because it will ensure that you have the time to concentrate in growing your business and succeed. Business owners say they don’t have enough time to focus on marketing. But not marketing your business means not growing your customer base and not maintaining the customers you have.

With the help of a CRM system that has marketing tools integrated it can be a great way to maintain your customer base and gain new customers. Another great tool it can be marketing automation which will save you a lot of time, but increase customer satisfaction. We will talk into more details about the options a CRM system can offer small business owners, regarding marketing in the next point.

Another time consuming task is the ever-growing administrative burden. An online booking system integrated with the your website and CRM system can be the answer. As it can deal with the customer booking and staff scheduling and it can also cover the payment and invoice side for the bookings. Another great feature is the reporting side, to give a better insight into your business stats.

With an online booking system it also means that you business is open 24/7. Which means less phone correspondence means more time for you to focus on your business growth.

2. Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media

Now make it happen

Increase the success of your marketing campaigns with personalized newsletters, offers, and discountssent to your preferred customers.

The right CRM system will allow you to manage and build your customer relationships quickly and easily. Grow the revenue for your business with different marketing features such as newsletters, customer feedback, and SMS appointment reminders. By increasing your interaction with customers you’re boosting customer satisfaction and you will see a decrease in cancellation.

With the right system customers can book appointments through your website but also social media channels, and partner sites too.

3. Dealing with Customers

Do what your good at great!

A CRM system integrated with an online booking software will allows you to manage and build your customer relationships quickly and easily. Another great feature that a CRM system can offer is the ability to check on revenue stream that is coming to your business from bookings and appointments. Also you can adjust customer profiles by adding notes, creating groups based on common attributes, and customize marketing campaigns. The right CRM system will manage customer data and becomes a powerful and intuitive tool. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to use tools that reach out to your customers and establish solid relationship with your customers.

It can also mean the end of missed appointments or cancellation! A customer relationship system will automatically send a SMS or e­mail reminders, which will reduce the number of no shows and cancellations which leaves more money in your business pocket.

4. Mobility Matters

Rather than dealing with the paper mountain on their return to the office, small business owners can a cloud based CRM which will allow employees to receive and update information on the go. You will also be also to see on the go the booking and appointments with your customers too. By creating digital versions of your records with the new technology, it allows you to fully control the processing of business information.

For a small business, customers information can be scattered across the web and email leaving you with no choice but to manually gather and update records. Another great thing about having a CRM system as a small business is the fact that you have all the information about your customer in one place, easy to access from multiple devices (desktop, tablet or mobile).

Top pain points for small businesses: Conclusion

That’s a quick list of pain points for businesses and how a CRM system integrated with your online booking system, website and invoice system can help you with the running of business a lot easier.

Every small business needs a CRM! CRM improves long-term customer retention, revenue and profit, and reduces the amount of admin work required to run the business.

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