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The Importance Of Customer Feedback For Coaches

by | 4. April 2018

Coaches give their all to their clients every day. But they so often forget how much their clients could give them in return! When growing your coaching business, the importance of customer feedback should never be underestimated. Many small businesses don’t both asking customers for their opinion, thinking that it’s is too time-consuming, expensive, or won’t help them run their business. But recent reports show that this is a bad idea: 70% of companies that deliver top class customer experience understand the importance of customer feedback and use it regularly.

This means customer feedback is an invaluable resource for your coaching business. Here are here are six reasons why:

1. Understand your customers better

Asking your customers for feedback allows you to better understand what they need from you. Think of your relationship with your clients like any other relationship: it needs good communication and a whole lotta listening! Flesh out your customer profiles, learn more about your ideal customer’s habits, and dig deeper to learn their specific pain points. Then you can provide tailormade solutions to those problems. Gathering customer feedback will ensure your business is targeted at specific needs, and will lead to the creation of resilient relationships with your clients that lock down their loyalty for years to come.

2. Improve your services

Your clients are a treasure trove of information about your services. They encounter the everyday issues and know the best ways to improve your business. Customer feedback doesn’t have to be boring or difficult either – nowadays you can use business tools to make gathering feedback easier, more transparent, and more enjoyable for both you and your clients! Customer feedback can open your eyes to when a particular session should be longer or shorter, more detailed. This will thus result in a continuous improvement of your services, ensuring that they stay at the top of your client’s agenda.

3. Innovate your services

If you’ve already nailed your coaching business and are now looking to branch out, don’t take a leap in the dark. Use customer feedback as an ideas lab to develop new services that will help you to retain clients and gain new ones. For example, if you are a nutrition coach, you may find through feedback that customers are using your advice when feeding their families. This could open up a new line of business involving child nutrition. There’s no need for you to think outside the box all the time – let your customers do it for you! You’ll be taking your business in new, failsafe, directions in no time.

importance of customer feedback for coaches

4. Never lose clients again!

According to reports, 91% of unhappy customers who are non-complainers simply leave. What this shows is that most of your customers who have issues with your services will not be proactive about complaining. So you might never know why that customer didn’t come back for a second session. This means you’ll need to go out and get their opinions yourself! As the statistics show, you could prevent nearly 70% of customer churn by using regular customer feedback to solve issues as soon as they are effectively reported. Clients will appreciate that you have asked, and fixing any problems with your service will stop them from straying!

5. Show customers that you value them

Customer feedback shows clients that you value what they think and makes the development of your services a collaborative process. Not only do you improve your services: your customers will also be personally invested in your business as they have contributed to its improvement. Make sure that you send follow-up emails or post on social media thanking customers and informing them of how you have adapted your services in line with their opinions. This will solidify customer loyalty and encourage customers to keep buying – customers who feel valued come back for more!

6. Improve your marketing strategy

Nowadays, data-driven marketing is a hot topic. Customer feedback provides the data that you need to gain insights into how your customers actually feel about your services and create metrics that measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Why not use ratings-based questions, for example, to track customer satisfaction over time? This will allow you to quantitatively assess specific marketing campaigns and adapt your strategy for the future.

7. Identify brand advocates

People who love your services are your personal promoters; they can spread the news about the great stuff that you offer and improve your brand reputation in the process. Why not leverage their enthusiasm by asking them to tell their friends about you or to post ‘reviews’ on their social media channels? You can also integrate feedback into your marketing campaigns through posting positive customer quotes on your own social media pages. Don’t just let your fanbase sit there – use it to your advantage!

The importance of customer feedback can’t be stressed enough. If done well, it could be the lynchpin of your business’ success. But knowing how to go about gathering your clients’ opinions can be difficult. This this is where a business tool like Shore can help you. Our automated service gives you instant access to key figures about your business that allow you to adapt your offering to customer demand. This way, you can improve customer satisfaction and increase your profits at the same time! Don’t underestimate the potential of customer feedback: get on the hype today and see your business bloom!

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