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The Secret Weapon For Marketing Your Beauty Salon

by | 25. September 2017

When was the last time you left the house without your phone? I’m not talking about doing it accidentally, which, in my experience, is followed by a few moments of sheer panic when you realize you may have lost your lifeline. This may sound a little over the top, but the fact is that we have become a smartphone-dependent society.

Back in 2013, a study found that people check their phones every six minutes1 which amounts to an average of 150 times per day! What this means for society is a topic for another day, but what it means for businesses is plentiful marketing opportunities. Reaching out to your audience via their smartphones is a great way to take advantage of their dependence.

One great way that beauty salons can retain customers and successfully build brand loyalty is through customer data and text message newsletters.

Why text message newsletters?

Now that most people can access the internet on their phones, many businesses are reaching out to their customers via email, mobile apps, and mobile browsers. While these can all be effective techniques, you could still be missing a significant chunk of your audience.

Although 77% of Americans now own a smartphone2, there is an additional 18% of people that own cell phones without access to the internet. By relying on the internet to send your messages to customers on the go, you could be missing out on extra customers. Plus, not everyone with a smartphone has unlimited data, so you have to wait for some customers to reach a Wi-Fi hotspot before they check for messages or information online.

So, how can you maximize your reach? Text messaging! Research shows that not only do 82.1% of mobile users open every text message3, but 90% of these are opened within 3 minutes4 of receiving them. This means that text messages you send to your customers are likely to be viewed almost instantly.

Best practices for text message newsletters

  • Get consent – Make sure people opt-in to receive your text message newsletters. This means they’ll be more likely to read and respond to your texts. If they don’t know who they’re receiving messages from, they may just assume it is spam. You should also give them an option to opt-out of receiving your messages.
  • Keep to the point – Try to keep your message concise when communicating via text message. You’ll hold your customers’ attention much longer if your messages are short and sweet.
  • Use emojis – Emojis can be a great way to add some personality to your text message newsletters and quickly grab people’s attention. However, you should first consider whether it’s appropriate for your particular beauty salon to use emojis in your messages.
  • Keep it professional – Although you can communicate in a more casual tone via text message newsletters, remember that you are still running a beauty salon business. Try to avoid using too much text speak in your messages.

Staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis and offering them exclusive deals and information is a great way to create lasting personal relationships and make them feel valued. The informal nature of text messages makes it an effective tool for retaining customers and gently up-selling your services. Additionally, you can also secure new customers who have already shown an interest in your salon by sending them exclusive welcome deals in your text message newsletters.

Although setting up text message newsletters sounds like a time-consuming endeavor, there’s a simple trick to quickly getting astonishing results. Employ a tool or service that allows you to automate your newsletter and save time while sharing your message with your audience efficiently.

Our beauty salon software offers automated text message newsletters for beauty salon owners for the same price as online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Get in touch to find out how we can help you improve your customer acquisition and build lasting relationships.

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