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Best Social Media Channels For Your Beauty Salon, And How To Use Them

by | 5. March 2018

This year, the number of active global social media users hit 3 billion. As a beauty salon owner, social media is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your business and getting the word out about your salon. These platforms are usually free to use, easy to manage and will help you build a trusted community of existing clients, and reach new ones too!

But with so many different platforms out there, and ways to approach a social media strategy, we know it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together the best social media channels you can take advantage of to promote your beauty salon:


With 1.32 billion daily users1, Facebook should be a primary marketing channel for your salon. Use your business page like a website by consolidating all your information like opening hours and contact info. Increase your likes by offering exclusive rewards for those that like your page, and by running targeted ads that only appear to your specific audience. Note that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media channels than other types of content2, so think interviews and D-I-Y videos – and always include an image with your posts.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an invaluable social media channel for beauty salons to build connections within their network. It’s also great for by maintaining a company page and joining local beauty groups. LinkedIn ads can be directly targeted to reach potential partners for your salon like event sponsors and those who might book your salon for their wedding or special occasion. In fact, studies have shown that 80% of business-to-business leads originate in Linkedin3, meaning by leveraging LinkedIn, its ad features and analytics, you could build a business network to increase the revenue to your beauty business.

3. Twitter

Twitter is the perfect platform for getting across the unique character of your business, and for showing you care about your client base. Share and post articles relevant to your business – and make sure to join in the conversation by responding to commenters and people that reach out to you. With 71% of Twitter users now expecting a brand to respond queries within an hour of Tweeting4, Twitter has become the new customer service forum, and is the ultimate channel for building relationships of trust and reliance with clients.

best social media channels for your business

4. Instagram

60% of people say that they learn about products or services via Instagram.5 This social media channel is a great fit for your beauty business since its users, 68% of which are female 6, love sharing visual content and are on the lookout for new services. Share images and videos of your beautiful designs, make sure to be savvy with your hashtags, and engage directly via Instagram Stories and their new poll feature so clients can let you know what they think!

Instagram is a primary avenue for user-generated content: so why not invite your customers to share a selfie of their new hair do to win a prize? Finally, Instagram influencers are causing a storm in the beauty market. By inviting an influencer to document their experiences in your salon you could increase your reach massively.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is an emerging marketing channel, and it’s fashion and beauty boards provide a great platform to build a visual identity for your salon, and create a devoted following. Think of it as an online portfolio in which you can show off the looks created in your salon. Try embedding your pins in blog posts for more clicks, or create a rich board of tips where customers can learn new skills to enhance the credibility of your salon.

6. Snapchat

Last year, Snapchat claimed to reach 41% of all 18 to 34-year-olds living in the US.7 That means  if you’re looking to attract a younger audience, this is the social media channel for your beauty salon. Let prospective visitors get a feel of your salon’s atmosphere with live product review videos, before and after photos, or run profile videos on your staff members. This is a platform that’s more playful and fun, so get creative with stickers and filters to encourage the younger market through your salon doors.

With these easy to manage platforms you’ll be able to grow an online community and presence in no time. The key is consistency: which ever platforms you decide to leverage, make sure your content is consistent, and linked up with your other platforms too. To help you keep an eye on the running of your business, get in touch with Shore to see how you can save time and resources using our automated solutions.

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