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15 Million Users on Social App Shows Which U.S. Cities Prioritize Beauty Buying

by | 31. August 2018

According to a study conducted by FourSquare, a few cities jump out as to where app users are checking in. Is it New York City, where black eyeliner is sacredly bought and use? Glamorous Los Angeles? Or is it image-first Miami?

InStyle magazine sent an inquiry to FourSquare, asking them to calculate the number of online check-ins at beauty retail stores, like Sephora. There are more than 15 million users of the FourSquare app! The New York-bases social app company has the potential to make such incredible discoveries with that amount of a data.

Here are the top 4 cities:

top 4 cities

1. Fresno, CA

Who knew this small city could pack a punch at social shopping? Apparently, this town hosts a densely populated number of cosmetology schools. Because of the schools, local and chai beauty supply shops cropped up. It makes sense why students would want to be checking in, as both retailer and FourSquare offer occasional specials or discounts to those who frequently visit.


2. Lubbock, TX

The study gave no real insight as to why it’s so popular in this central Texas city. We can guess it has to do again, with beauty schools and supplies. Looking on a Google map, a number of cosmetology schools appear. In addition, Lubbock is home to Texas Tech University, making it a hopping college town. No doubt students would also enjoy the special perks of using the mobile app.


3. Tulsa, OK

This capital city’s high beauty check-in may come as a surprise. The mid-western city can boost of having 4 Ulta beauty stores in a the metro area alone.


4. Las Vegas, NV

The Entertainment Capital of the World brings in people from all over the world who want tickets to see J.Lo make moves or enjoy world-class dining. As entertainers, the locals need to look good. Of courses there are numerous cosmetology schools to pump out skilled workers for the stages of Glitter Gulch. But it’s the diverse number of salons and services that make Las Vegas a gold mine for Foursquare. From Brazilian waxing to Balinese spas, and wellness salons at luxury hotels, the Strip means beauty. Additionally, the International Beauty Show (IBS) calls Las Vegas home once every year, drawing millions of beauty industry professionals to the desert city.

It’s clear beauty lovers enjoy using social apps to shop and connect with salons or supply stores. Like Facebook, Foursquare shows friends your experience or rating about a service or shop. This kind of interaction and instant feedback is a boon for business owners willing to make mobile a priority in customer retention strategy.

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