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Sporthaus Schuster – Behind the Scenes Interview

by | 26. April 2018

We visited our customer Sporthaus Schuster to find out more about the challenges they face every day and how they use our software to master them. Peter Schön and Dominik Waldleitner tell us about their work, the company’s vision, and their success with Shore.

Why Sporthaus Schuster and Shore?

The Shore software makes it possible for Sporthaus Schuster, one of Munich’s biggest and most popular sporting goods stores, to offer online appointment booking for their in-store services. These services include running analyses, boot fitting, tailoring and other consultation services.

Family all the way – the company history

Dominik, Department Manager Running, has found the job of his dreams.

Kristina from Shore: “What makes Sporthaus Schuster so special?”

Dominik: “It’s the relaxed atmosphere that makes Sporthaus Schuster stand out – you can really tell that it’s a family company. We see Mr. Schuster every day and we can talk to him – we’re one big tribe. Sporthaus Schuster is now run by the third generation of the Schuster family; it’s been a family business since 1913, and the fourth generation is already taking an interest.”

Kristina from Shore “What do you love about your job?”

Dominik: “I love the fact that I’ve been able to turn my hobby into my job. I’m an athlete through and through, I know how to sell sports equipment, I come from a large family – and my job here unites all these aspects of who I am. It’s simply awesome.”

The company’s multichannel strategy

Shore helps Peter, Head of Multichannel Services, to simplify his team’s daily work.

Kristina from Shore: “Why is Shore the perfect fit for Sporthaus Schuster?”

Peter: “Nowadays, customers are more mobile and more digitally connected. Almost everyone has a smartphone and is online 24/7. That means we also have to think digitally. Thanks to Shore, we make it possible for customers to book our in-store services 24 hours a day via online booking. That’s by far the most convincing reason.”

Kristina from Shore: “How do you integrate Shore into your daily work?”

Peter: “We use the Shore online calendar to organize our teams. The great thing about Shore is that bookings are shown in the calendar, and we only need to confirm them. This makes it easier for our sales assistants to plan their day, and they know exactly who is going to come into the store in the next 10 minutes. Consequently, our waiting times have been reduced and our customers are happier.”

Kristina from Shore: “How do your customers like it?”

Peter: “We get positive feedback after almost every single booking. Customers let us know that everything went really well and, of course, that the staff was very nice and dealt with everything professionally.”

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