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Shore Customers – No One Famous from London

shore customers no one famous from london

With Shore, Michael Wood and his team at No One Famous have a clear overview of all their customer data and can coordinate appointments easily and flexibly. Only two months after implementing the software, one out of four customers can be traced directly back to the Shore Online Booking system and the total number of appointments has increased by almost 15%. But most importantly, every single customer is satisfied with the new services No One Famous can offer them through Shore.


increase of total appointments


customer satisfaction


of customers can be traced directly backto the Shore Online Booking system

About No One Famous

The East London tailor No One Famous was founded in the early ‘80s. Looking back, owner Michael remembers the earlytimes of his company quite well.“We started out in a disused bathroom with two machinesand a workbench.”A lot has happened since then. Michael steadily developed hisbusiness, moved to a new premise in the city centre and hiredemployees. Today he works together with five people in hisshop in Leyton.

Michael Wood_No One Famous

“It started off as a hobby and has grown into my life now.You define what you truly enjoy and then you build up alevel of experience about it.” – Michael Wood, Owner 

Being as passionate about his work as Michael is, he soon under-stood that he needed to differentiate his company from its com-petitors by offering a special and personalised service – ensuring the perfect fit every single time.

“We want our customers to leave with a smile every time.That’s why all our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.” Because of this spirit and a great team at his side, he can now look back on several outstanding highlights: from making alter-ations to the Olympic team’s outfits to repairing the trousers of no less a person than the King of Sweden.

The Challenge

  • Create a personal app
  • Centralize customer information
  • Manage appointments and customer requests on the go
  • Increase Marketing Activities

Although No One Famous had grown into a well-respected andprofitable business, Michael realised that he was reaching apoint at which further expansion was his greatest challenge.He knew he needed to take his business to the next level, butwasn’t quite sure how. “I did a small amount of marketing and I knew I needed tocreate an app for our business, but I wasn’t sure how togo about it.” 

Michael Wood and Team, No One Famous

That’s when he first learned about Shore. Next to his own, custom-ised Business App, Shore offered him various marketing options, a 24/7 online booking service, as well as the possibility to manage his customers with a single, simple tool. I never really encountered anything like that. This is the way to go. This is where everyone should be going.” After having looked into various products and ways to digitalise his business, he decided to grow with Shore. 

Michael Wood_No One Famous

“I think the software is quite simple to use. It is perfect forsmall and medium-sized businesses.” 

The solution

The Shore business software has been helpful to No One famous from the very first day of implementing it by enormously simplifying their daily work. Most importantly, because customers can now book their appointments online, 24/7. This way, Michael and his team can concentrate on their work, while their customers can book appointments whenever it’s convenient for them. Apart from saving everybody’s time, it also makes their work more efficient. And how efficient!

Michael Wood_No One Famous

While you’ re sleeping, people are booking. You make money while you sleep.” – Michael Wood, Owner 

When a client books an appointment, Michael and his staff automatically receive a notification and can reply to the request right away. The integrated messaging function also allows them to quickly and easily get in touch with a customer, without laboriously searching for their e-mail address or phone number. Furthermore, Shore allows Michael to access all the customer data from work, home or on the go via his mobile phone.

Michael Wood_No One Famous

I might be out late at night and unable to make the appointment. Then I can quickly e-mail my clients or call them, because I have all the information in one place. It makes you look very professional when you get back to them that quickly.” – Michael Wood, Owner 

But not only Michael and his staff are happy with their new digital business assistant. Since they started using Shore, they havereceived a lot of positive feedback from their customers who really appreciate being reminded of their appointments. Together with Shore, Michael was able to improve the online presence of his business in multiple ways – through his own, customised app, the online booking service which is integrated in his website and his Facebook Fanpage, as well as the listing in over 80 online directories like Google, Bing, Facebookand Foursquare across the UK.