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SEO for your business website

by | 26. August 2019

SE what? Yup, search engine optimization. You know, all of the things that help get your business website found on Google and way up top on the list of search results.

The pre-digital age

What did the search engine optimization of paper yesteryear look like? Did it ever have an analogue version prior to digitalization? Tough to say, and it really doesn’t matter, because in today’s digitalized world, SEO has all kinds of good things to offer your business.

SEO for yourself

What do customers do when they’re looking for a new service business? Exactly, they google it. Here’s an example: Susan is looking for a new stylist in New York. She opens up her laptop and enters “New York stylist” into Google. Maybe she even narrows down her search a little more with “New York stylist mid-town” because that’s where she lives. She’ll then click through the first search results until she finds something she likes. A website is the first step in this entire process, and it needs to be locatable for your (new) customer. This is where local SEO comes in. Make it your goal to get your website as far to the top of the search as possible using an effective Google optimization. You’ll be rewarded with more customers and sales as a result.

SEO 101

If this is your first encounter with SEO, no problem. The first thing you need to know is the difference between onpage and offpage optimization. Put simply: Onpage SEO includes all of the optimizations you’ll find on the website. These are things like URLs, headlines, text, images, and loading times. Technical optimizations play a major role here, along with optimizing the keywords that you would like to be found with on Google. Offpage optimization is what happens outside of your website. This includes links taking people to your homepage. There was a time where businesses packed their websites with all kinds of keywords and paid backlinks. That kind of thing doesn’t really work anymore. The Google algorithm is pretty intelligent, and these days knows the right way to find high-quality, legitimate content and links.

Tools like Google Analytics, SISTRIX or Seobility help you track the results of your local SEO efforts. Maybe the best way to get started is to ask yourself three questions: Which keywords would I like to get found for? Are people actually searching for them? Are they going to get me a good ranking? You’ll find the answers to these questions (and more) in our SEO guide that you can download for free.

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