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Why SEO for coaches is the key to successful customers acquisition

by | 6. February 2018

So you’ve built your coaching business, along with a professional website, great content and active social media channels, but you’re struggling to generate traffic – and therefore new customers, using your online presence. SEO for coaches might often be the solution.

Simply imagine you’re running a cafe that you want customers to visit, but your cafe is located in a tiny backstreet with no signs. Even if you make the best coffee in the world, no one’s going to come to your cafe in that street where nobody goes. Just like great location and street signs can lure new customers to a coffee shop, SEO is the key to success for coaches. If you don’t rank highly on search engine results for relevant keywords, it’s as if your business doesn’t exist. This means it’s unlikely new customers will discover your business, no matter how great your coaching services are.

Here’s why SEO for coaches is crucial for new customer acquisition:

1. Increase traffic to your site

First and foremost, you should leverage SEO because you’ll increase the visibility of your site to potential new customers. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective customer. If you were looking for a life coach in your city, you would type “life coaches near me” or “life coaches in chicago” into Google. You’d take a look at the first few entries and select the one that sounds best to you. If your coaching website is among those first few entries, it will be discovered more often, and this will result in more people seeking out your services. You can utilize traffic tools to monitor the results of your SEO and watch your traffic to your site grow daily as you climb up the search engine rankings!

2. It won’t break the bank

Whilst running your business as a coach, we know that what you lack in budget, you make up for in skill. A key attraction of SEO for coaches is that is costs very little, and returns can be high. Writing high quality, keyword-saturated content, the mainstay of SEO, isn’t difficult to master so you can easily save money and do it yourself. Simply use your experience to create articles about new trends and how-to-guide’s related to your coaching field. As for technical SEO, the web is loaded with affordable tools that can help you optimize your search engine performance without having any knowledge in the field. That makes SEO a small investment with potentially massive returns in the form of new customers coming across your website and booking appointments.

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3. Make the most of your content

SEO for coaches won’t kickstart your new customer acquisition singlehandedly. But – in combination with killer blog posts and a beautifully designed website, it could help you take your coaching business to the next level. After you’ve spent a whole day writing a detailed blog post about the hottest new approach to life coaching, or top tips for business leaders to maximise their productivity, SEO is a great way to make the most of that work by positioning it where people can actually find it. By incorporating specific pain points like ‘how to lose weight’ or ‘how to grow my business’ as keywords in your content, you’ll see more return from all the hard work you put in.

4. Increase your credibility

If your website ranks highly on Google search results, your business automatically looks more professional, credible and trustworthy. Since your coaching business is all about trust, building relationships and your personal reputation, this is gold dust for your coaching business. Say you meet someone at a networking event for health professionals, and you tell them the name of your health coaching business for a potential collaboration, they’ll go away and look it up. If they can find your business straight away in one Google search, they can match your professional persona to an online business presence that seems established and credible too. This could then lead to more business leads and potential partnerships in future, generating new customers through referrals.

SEO for coaches: Conclusion

Trying to grow your coaching business without SEO is like creating a beautiful artwork and putting it on display where no one can see it. There’s no point investing time and resources in creating a sophisticated website design and writing relevant and cutting edge blog posts if no one sees them. You’re up against thousands of other businesses vying for your clients’ business online, and leveraging SEO could be the key to that competitive advantage and brand awareness you’ve been looking for. For more information about how Shore can help get your coaching business noticed, get in touch today.

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