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5 Steps To Delivering The Ultimate Online Beauty Salon Experience

by | 2. April 2018

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making your customers’ experience of visiting your beauty salon amazing. Well, the exact same goes for their beauty salon experience online. Just as you want your salon to be clean and presentable, your employees to be helpful and your services up to standard, your website needs to be well designed, your online support useful and your content to be relevant and interesting. A negative beauty salon experience online could lead to your customers choosing another option, so it’s in your interests to perfect it!

Not sure where to start? Here are some useful tips on how to make your customers’ online experience as five-star as that in your salon:

1. A Well-Designed Website

A great beauty salon experience online starts with a website that is beautifully designed, informative and easy to use. A tool which provides you with a simple web design program can help you to create an aesthetic which reflects your salon. Be sure to have all the information about your salon like contact details, address and social media links clearly displayed and easily accessible to customers accessing your site. It’s also super important that your website works speedily and effectively on mobile – so customers can check out your services on the go too!

2. Offer Online Booking

So your customers have checked out your well-designed beauty salon site and they want to book in for their manicure. If your customers can’t book their treatment or haircut online then and there, their online beauty salon experience will be severely affected, and they might even look for another salon where they can book 24 hours a day without having to call or email back and forth. A cornerstone of an excellent online beauty salon experience is online booking – it gives your customers flexibility and it gives your salon a level of professionalism that will go a long way!

3. Social Media Consistency

Your local customers might walk past your beauty salon and be interested. Many customers’ next step would be to look up your business on social media. So make sure you’re making the most of platforms like Facebook and Instagram to maximise your salon’s chances of being discovered.

This means content, content, content! Post often and try to keep it relevant. Think before and after photo collages, video tutorials for hairstyles, introductions to new products, or your favorite celeb beauty looks. The key here is consistency: keep your branding and aesthetic constant, so your customers’ beauty salon experience is just as enjoyable whether they’re checking out your website, Instagram or visiting your salon itself.

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4. Interact With Your Customers

In this day and age, customer service over the phone is on the way out. Your beauty salon customers will be expecting answers instantly via social media or your site. So get ready to interact with your customers online! If someone tweets you to ask about bank holiday opening hours, make sure to get back to them within 24 hours, or if someone comments on your Instagram asking about a particular product, it’s a great opportunity to provide a bespoke experience and to build lasting connections straight away.

Likewise, if a customer disagrees with something in your blog post or had a negative experience they write about on your Facebook page, be sure to be respectful and reply to their feedback as soon as possible saying you’ll take it on board!

5. Get Blogging

A great way to boost your salon’s presence online is by starting a blog. It allows your customers to join the dots between your professional website, your social media presence, and a blog which shows off your beauty expertise. Share your 10 favorite products for winter skin, beauty tips for travel, or your favorite runway beauty looks. You’ll become your customers’ go-to destination for beauty tips in no time, and so naturally their first choice when they’re looking for a salon!


Your customers’ online beauty salon experience is just as important as their experience in your salon. You want them to love your business the moment they walk in the door right? So imagine the moment they search for your salon online as just as crucial: you want them to have a positive online beauty salon experience from start to finish. Follow these 5 simple steps to make sure of that. And for a helping hand along the way, why not check out how Shore can take care of some of the administrative tasks for you, so you can get back to your passion: running your beauty salon!

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