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Get Ready For The New Year: The Hottest 2020 Marketing Trends For Small Businesses

by | 3. January 2018

It might seem like the holiday season has just arrived, but it won’t be long before 2020 is upon us. That means it’s time to start thinking about the New Year and new directions to take your coaching business too! With constant new developments in marketing techniques, we know it can be hard to keep track sometimes. Thankfully, to help you stay ahead of the game, here are the 5 hottest 2020 marketing trends for small businesses:

1.Get live-streaming

In 2020, live-streaming will be where it’s at. As customers become tired of faceless, generic marketing, real-time videos are giving them the instant, human connections they desire. This is particularly relevant for coaching in which building personal relationships with clients is key. If you’re a sports coach, why not livestream a group training session, for example? Or, as a business coach, host a webinar? This will hook in customers and build their loyalty as they instantly connect with your services through real-time social media engagement. Go live now and see your business become an instant success!

2. Define your brand purpose

Reports suggest that traditional CSR is old news: in 2020 you’ll need to show that a good cause underpins your whole business strategy.1 Whether you are a nutrition coach who aims to make the world a healthier place or a business specialist striving to improve the local economy, 2020 is the year to put brand purpose and integrity at the top of your marketing agenda. Position your brand as a driver of change, and you’ll fuel your business’s success well beyond that midnight countdown.

Define your brand strategy

>3. Go the extra mile for influencers

One of the biggest 2020 marketing trends for small businesses is to create meaningful partnerships with influencers.2 With demand for effective social media influencers higher than ever, you will have to go beyond simply offering free products and services. When contacting the latest Instagram star, focus less on money and self-promotion, and more on demonstrating your shared values and the benefits of the partnership on their career. If you want results, you will need to influence the influencer!

4. Go virtual

Virtual reality is the new kid on the block. While it may seem out of reach for your small business, you can still invest in engaging visual content as a first step. Interactive graphics or videos on your website or social media will allow customers to engage with your brand in a similar way to VR. As a fitness coach, for example, you could post a ‘virtual video tour’ of your favorite running route with Google Business Views. This way, you can give your business the VR touch without the VR cost!

5. Apply science-based marketing

Using science to inform marketing strategy is not new, but companies in 2020 will go further in their attempts to gain meaningful data. This may be a little too far for your business, but business tools can provide you with similar ways of collecting customer data. Engage these tools today and create an evidence-based marketing strategy that will ensure your business’ success as 2020 comes around.

These 2020 marketing trends for small businesses are the future – so make sure you get on this train or risk getting left behind. In order to leverage these cutting-edge techniques, make sure your business is using an automated business tool like Shore. Providing you with vital data through customer feedback tools, and cutting down your admin time, Shore will give you the time and resources to ensure that your business stays competitive and grows as the new year comes around. With a grasp of these trends and the aid of Shore, you’ll be cracking out the bubbles far beyond New Year’s Eve!

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