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2020 Marketing Trends For Beauty Salons

by | 20. December 2017

It’s been a great year for your beauty salon, but the new year provides the perfect opportunity for a fresh start to your salon marketing approach. As they say, new year, new you! 2020 will be the year digital goes big, and to keep your salon competitive you’ll need to be across the hottest marketing trends, and leverage them to get the word out about your beauty salon. We’ll bring you the top insights and 2020 marketing trends for beauty salons to watch as you head into the new year.

1. Video marketing

It’s estimated that, by 2020, video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. 2019 was a huge year for video marketing, and it’s not going anywhere for 2020.1 It’s the perfect tool for your salon, where you produce amazing looks every day! Think short tutorials on specific techniques and styles, interviews with your stylists on their favorite products, intro videos to new products in your salon. Don’t just choose text and images: video is the way forward. So don’t miss out on one of the hottest 2020 marketing trends: let the character of your salon shine through in high-quality video content and see your brand awareness grow!

2. Instagram Influencers

This September, Instagram announced they’d reached 800 million monthly users, up from just 100 million in April.2 As the platform skyrockets towards a billion users in 2020, the driving force behind Instagram marketing will be influencers. Building partnerships with influencers and beauty bloggers that share your salon values and aesthetic could be your answer to success in 2020.

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Invite them for a free or discounted visit to your salon, so they can share their experience with their followers online and rave about your services. Since influencers already have a large trusted following that interested in specific categories, like beauty, this can make sure that content about your salon falls on the ears of people that actually want to hear it!

3. Go live!

One of the most powerful 2020 marketing trends for beauty salons is live content! Features like Facebook live open a whole world of opportunities for engaging with your beauty salon’s followers. Say you live stream a makeup treatment and explain the steps as you go to your followers. That way your followers can comment live with questions, feedback and praise that you can reply to and engage with. Live content keeps you in touch with your clients directly, and it shows off the amazing looks you create in your beauty salon!

4. Geo-targeting  

Especially if you’re trying to build awareness of your salon in your local area, geo targeted marketing is set to be key for 2020. Why not set up local Google ads, so when someone searches for ‘beauty salons in my area’ you’re top of the list? An automated booking tool like Shore can help your business get discovered via Google maps by people in your local area. You’ll grow your local community and attract clients that are in your area for a visit or on holiday too. New clients can then go ahead and book in via your online booking system too!

5. Blogging

Some trends come and go, but well-written, relevant and interesting blog articles are always in style. If your beauty salon doesn’t already have an online blog, this is your year. By making your salon blog your customers’ go-to place for information about beauty trends, product reviews and announcements, you’ll increase the integrity of your salon and bring value to your clients. Guest blogging has exploded this year, so why not get the word out about your salon by guest blogging for a beauty blog or fellow beauty entrepreneur too?


As you look into the new year, be sure to take advantage of these 2020 marketing trends, set to take the beauty business world by storm. They could be the answer to sparkling success for your beauty salon in the new year. But we know you’ll be busy with holiday campaigns and the party season too, so why not let a business tool like Shore take care of some of the administrative tasks for you? That way you’re free to get creative with the running of your beauty salon as it takes 2020 by storm.

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