Instagram Stories for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate Way to Grow and Connect With Your Audience

by | 18. July 2018

Can anyone else admit to their Instagram story addiction? Just a simple click on the lit circle and immediately you become immersed in another person’s day. But how does one use it? Is it like Facebook Live, talking to your camera lens about a product? For business owners, how personal or professional should Stories be treated? Customer retention strategies are well and good, but business owners want simplicity. Is it simple?

But most of all, do business owners really need  a n o t h e r  channel to manage on social media?
Instagram is a highly visual platform; Instagram Stories further feeds our desire for visual content whilst being an engaging tool to use in growing an audience.
Also it’s fun for both parties—the content creator (you) and your audience!

Instagram Stories proves marketing can be simple and powerful.

Fostering customer trust faster and easier

Other aspects of marketing involve scheduling and forethought in rolling out advertisements, interviews, or blog posts. Instagram Stories can be planned, but it’s incredibly easy to give an audience content so you can remain on the forefront of their mind.

In psychology, there’s a principle called mere exposure effect. We all generally carry a positive or negative attitude towards an object, but over time our attitudes can be persuaded to change. When we are exposed to an object, person, or experience more frequently, we tend to like it more.

In the same way, if a hair stylists shows more of their daily work through Instagram Stories, people will begin to like that stylist more, feel more positive about their work, etc. Since creating this type of content is so easy, a business will be able to do this with more frequency.

Create an authentic feel to your brand

What’s great about Instagram Stories is how casual the video is. On Youtube, channel hosts clearly have beauty circle lights, expensive camera equipment, and perfect hair to film their videos. It takes a whole lot of time to set up, rehearse, film, and edit. With Instagram, a business owner gets to bypass all that time and hassle.

Viewers see you as a real person, on-the-go, perfectly imperfect. Because they see an un-Youtube-like world, they feel comfortable. They trust the story, even if it’s not as glamorous as an Instagram feed or a Youtube channel. Stories are a ripe space to add personality. You can be as casual or quirky as you wish. You can handle the camera differently and highlight interesting or entertaining things you come across. Audiences positively respond to people being themselves, making them feel they already know you. This may be the best method amongst customer retention strategies: maintaining a personal connection and feel.

Receive instant feedback

This is incredibly powerful for the smart business person. Last October, Instagram launched a feature that allows for polls. Companies like Airbnb found that it can be a fun way to interact with your audience. You can ask them questions about which shampoo to stock, which shoes to purchase, or how they feel about the latest industry craze. Ask Me a Question, the feature launched a week ago, created a phenomenon that allowed any audience member to ask their favorite Influencer, brand, or whoever a simple question. The person/company could then respond to their question, further evolving the viewer relationship.

Generate leads and increase website traffic

Who doesn’t love another way to get more eyeballs onto your website? Instagram Stories has an amazing feature (“Swipe Up”) that easily allows people to connect directly to your beauty salon site, your online course, or the blouse you just purchased. Tagging and linking is an Instagram Story advantage, even more over other social media platforms. You’ll be able to tag customers that have just got their hair colored or just finished their personal training station with you. It show your audience other people trust your brand.

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