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The Importance Of Customer Retention For Beauty Salons

by | 26. March 2018

Acquiring new customers for beauty salons can be hard. Even with a number of marketing techniques via offline and online channels, it’s still 5 times cheaper to maintain a current client than acquiring a new one. Many salon owners think they should always direct their marketing towards attracting new clients, but there are actually a number of benefits to focussing on customer retention for your salon: keeping your existing clients happy so they come back every time.

Aside from the obvious, financial savings, customer retention can actually boost your marketing and make the experience of running your business more enjoyable for you too, allowing you to simply focus on making your clients feel great about themselves. Here are 5 key reasons why customer retention is key for your beauty salon:

Why Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone For Your Beauty Salon

1. Worry-Free Work

Customer retention is the cornerstone of successful beauty salons. Without a certain minimum amount of people to visiting your business on a regular basis, it’s easy to get stressed and start worrying about the future of your business. In contrast, by retaining customers who you can be sure will book a return visit, you’ll can rest easy that your revenue stream stays consistent every month and your income won’t suddenly drop. This will make it easier for you to plan ahead and make investments in your salon without panicking, and enjoy the running of your business more.

2. You’ll Make New Friends

Even the most friendly of beauty salon owners have had that moment where you try your best to connect with a client, but you just can’t avoid those awkward silences. When interacting with repeat customers, it’s like spending time with an old friend. Sure, you still might run across a few people who just prefer to enjoy a moment of quietness during their visit, but you’re sure to build strong relationships with returning customers who you get on with as they share their personal stories and experiences. That means ensuring customer retention isn’t just good for your business, it can be fun and sociable for you and your employees too.

3. Increased Spending

In Your Salon It has been proven that returning customers spend 67% more on services than new customers. This makes sense: the more customers trust you, the more open they’ll be to trying out new services and following your advice. For beauty salons, this means that if you’re looking to upsell your services and secure higher profit margins per appointment, you’ll need to make sure your customers trust you and are pleased with your services. As recurring customers spend more, giving them a little bit of extra attention or offering them special promotions to secure their ongoing business is fully justified from a company perspective.

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4. You’ll Get More Referrals

A repeat customer is usually a happy customer. And what’s the first thing we often do after a satisfied experience with a business? We rave about it and refer friends and family so they can enjoy the same experiences too. By retaining a customer and giving them an incentive, they’ll be more eager to share their experience, which results in free word-of-mouth marketing for your salon. Reward current clients with a discount or free extra service during their next appointment for every new customer they bring in. This will boost both your customer retention and new client acquisition.

5. Customers Will Promote Your Salon

On Social Media Social media is a powerful tool to help attract more customers and promote your brand. Has your customer just left with an amazing blowout or manicure and posted a selfie on Instagram tagging your business? That’s gold for your marketing operations. Customer retention can significantly boost your social media performance because it produces brand ambassadors who will post about your brand to their friends, who are likely to fall into your target market too. Of course you can promote your brand online yourself too, but user generated content is much more valuable and customer retention will help you to foster it.


Clearly, the importance of customer retention for beauty salons can’t be underestimated. By retaining customers, you’ll be less stressed at work, you might make new friends, you can will boost your marketing strategy and, most importantly, you’ll generate more clients and profit.

If you’re looking for practical ways to develop long-term relationships with your clients and increase customer loyalty, take a look at our blog post about customer retention techniques for beauty salons. Moreover, if you’re really serious about customer retention, check our business tool that’s tailor-made for beauty salons to make sure your clients keep coming back.

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