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How To Use Linkedin to Grow your Coaching Customer Base

by | 15. March 2018

In the competitive world of coaching, LinkedIn could be your answer to winning new customers and expanding your business. It allows you to make your profile visible to people that are actually interested in your field, so you can start to build long-lasting relationships with potential clients. But we know that with everything else you have to manage, it can be hard to know where to start with LinkedIn.

If you’re trying to grow your coaching business online and attract new customers, LinkedIn is the place to be. To get you started, we’ll bring you 5 secrets to success on Linkedin.

1. Get Yourself a Great Headline

When considering how to use LinkedIn to grow your coaching customer base, your first step will be making a profile that’s attractive and clear. The key to this will be your headline. Ditch the flowery language, long words and terminology. Think about what your clients would type into Google to search for your services, and make sure your LinkedIn headline reflects that. A simple headline like ‘Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist and Motivational Speaker’ will ensure more traffic to your profile and will help clients understand exactly what you’re offering straight away.

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2. Be Active in Groups

If you’re not leveraging the already existing community of LinkedIn Groups, you’re missing out on a top trick for your coaching business. If you’re a business coach, join groups consisting of other business coaches to open networking and partnership opportunities. But you can go smarter too: join a group which focusses on the specific pain points of your clients like business strategy or business management, and you could leverage LinkedIn groups to meet future clients too. Don’t just sit back and watch, be active in the group by posting articles and engaging in debate on others’ posts too. You’ll see your client base start to grow in no time.

3. Native Video Content

Until recently, the only way to post video content to LinkedIn was sharing links to YouTube or Vimeo. Thanks to LinkedIn’s new native video feature, the opportunities for engagement on your video content are now much higher. Video is the perfect medium to convey your personality and unique offering as a coach. If you’re a business coach, why not post a short video explaining your latest coaching strategy, or if you’re a fitness coach you could share a video of you demonstrating exercises or specific workouts. If a picture speaks a thousand words, think of what you could convey in a short, well-edited video that lets potential clients get to know you in an instant!

4. Leverage Analytics

As a coach, you’ll always want to be learning more about your customers so you can target your marketing efforts to their needs. LinkedIn Analytics help you grow your customer base by letting you learn more about your audience. Check out exactly who’s viewing your company page, and liking particular types of posts. Then, the demographics categories can help you pinpoint which specific professional backgrounds your business appeals to. You can then leverage these insights to post content that you know these potential clients actually want to see. And viola – increase the size of your client base with ease!

How To Use Linkedin to Grow your Coaching Customer Base

In this day and age, a carefully written company page on LinkedIn and targeted, high-quality posts could be the key to growing your coaching business. If you’re not taking advantage of this free tool, you’re missing out on a whole world of opportunities. Why not try out these super-simple but super-effective tips for how to use LinkedIn to grow your coaching customer base? You’ll see more customers discovering your brand in no time. For more help getting the word out about your coaching business, check out Shore’s business automation solution today.

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