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How To Run Holiday Ad Campaigns For Your Coaching Business

by | 7. December 2017

Expensive and increasingly ineffective, Coca-Cola style holiday adverts are on the way out.1  ‘Tis the season of the digital ad campaign and, as a small-business owner with less free cash, this is fantastic for you. So take a look at our 6 steps below and get ready to deck the halls with all your business success

1. Have an aim

All holiday ad campaigns need an objective. Are you looking to reach a certain revenue target for example, build your brand’s reputation or target a new audience? No matter how good you are at digital, there will be no rockin’ around the tree for your ad campaign without an established objective.

2. Target the right audience

Untargeted digital ads are the ones that irritate customers the most.2  So whether you are targeting the regular Rudolphs or some new Prancers and Dancers, it is essential to ensure that your digital ads are reaching the right audience. This means making the most of programmatic advertising, such as Facebook’s advertising filters, to identify those who will be most receptive to your coaching services.3 Not everyone wants to meet your business under the mistletoe: make sure you reach those who do!

3. Get into the festive spirit!

Reports suggest that the most successful holiday ad campaigns play on the emotions the festive season evokes.4 If you are a sports coach, for example, why not use your festive ads as a way to partner with a local school, or, as a nutrition coach, to support an anti-obesity charity? This will give your campaign substance and build your brand reputation. It will also make it less likely to irritate! Take advantage of the festive season to make your coaching business stand for something: it will bring results well beyond the New Year.

4. Take advantage of influencers

The holidays and New Year are prime season for influencers. Like the angel on the top of the tree, this is, therefore, your coaching business’ time to shine on social media. Why not contact your current influencer partners or get in touch with new ones, offering them a free gift or service in exchange for their participation in, or mention of, your holiday ad campaigns?

5. Don’t overspend

The holidays are coming and you’re feeling relaxed, so spending a few extra dollars on your festive ad campaigns won’t hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Don’t let all the mulled wine go to your head: sticking to your budget will ensure that you have a safety net if some of your New Year customers fall by the wayside when February comes around. It’s easy to spend a lot on digital ads without much return, so be sure to make yourself a clear budget and stick to it!

successful holiday campaign

6. Time it right

In late September, candy canes start appearing in the shops, and everyone grumbles about how the season comes earlier every year. When it comes to holiday ad campaigns, timing is key. Too early, and you risk annoying your customers – too late, and you’ll miss the boat. So don’t launch your campaign on Christmas Eve but also don’t start planning it in August. For best practice, initiate your campaign around mid-November and make sure you continue advertising well into the festive season. This will give you enough time to follow up on new leads before everyone signs off for the festive period. Additionally, this should also keep your business’ stars aligned well beyond the holidays!


The holiday season can be a stressful time of year. But with these 6 easy steps, you can build a digital ad campaign that will add a little sparkle to the holidays – and your business – in just a few clicks. To give yourself more time to focus on running your campaign, make sure you’re taking advantage of an automated business tool like Shore. Allow us to deal with your admin so that you can make your ad campaign the best it can be. You might just find that the holidays come early for your coaching business!

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