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New Year, New Salon! How to Improve Your Salon Management For 2020

by | 31. January 2018

You know what they say: New Year, New You! 2020 brings the perfect opportunity to reorganize how your beauty salon is run so you can be sure of happy customers, happy employees and a happy beauty salon manager too. (Hint: that’s you!) As we head into the holiday season, this is the time to take an honest look at how your salon is run, and ask yourself whether it could be improved for next year.

Here are 4 secrets to transforming how your salon is run in 2020:

1. Make Scheduling Easy

Improving your salon management will make your employees more relaxed at work, and help them to provide an all-star experience for your clients. One way to do this is by providing them with an automated online scheduling system, so their calendars are automatically filled and they can check their personal agenda from their phone on their way to the salon. This also lets you and your employees stay on top of things if there’s a change or cancellation of appointments.

Keeping organized by improving your scheduling could be the key to your beauty salon’s success in 2020, as you won’t waste time on paper timetables and emailing back and forth with your team and clients. Think of what you could do with all that time saved!

Make Scheduling Easy

2. Give Your Employees A Say

Your salon will run better if all your employees feel invested in the future of your beauty salon. Therefore, why not give your employees more of a say in the running of your salon in 2020? For instance, let them give feedback on key treatments or products they think you should be offering in the new year. You could hand over creative control to members of your team for elements of your marketing, such as taking over your Instagram feed for a week or writing blog posts.

Talk to your team about what they’re really proud of about your salon, as well as areas for improvement. After all, they’re on the frontline of your business and know what’s going down well with customers. Once you empower your team and give them a say in the direction of your salon, your employees will feel valued and more motivated at work. Remember: a great salon culture means a great atmosphere for your clients, and a prosperous new year for your salon!

3. Cut the No-Shows

Your treatments can be of the highest standard, your salon culture amazing and your customer service five star. But if customers aren’t showing up for their appointments, your revenue stream will suffer, and so will salon morale. Limiting no-shows should be a key focus your beauty salon management for 2020, helping you to maximize revenue, productivity and keep your employees’ days full.

One way to do this is through automated appointment reminders: send your clients a text message in the lead up to their appointment to gently remind them that their treatment is coming up. You’ll see 80% fewer no-shows which could be make or break for your salon in 2020.

4. Get Personal

The secret to customer retention in 2020 will be making each customer’s experience personalized to a tee. So, reorganizing your salon to learn more about your customers as individuals will be guaranteed to keep customers coming back. Encourage your employees to get to know clients: learn about important events they might have coming up, and get to know their favorite snack or hot drinks. That means the next time they visit your salon, you can ask how their daughter’s birthday was, congratulate them on their promotion, or ask whether they’d like their usual cappuccino.

This will be much simpler if you employ a business software that allows you to build detailed customer profiles that your team can use to remind themselves of details about your clients. In your beauty salon management, equip your team with the tools and the motivation to go one step further with customer service and you’ll be sure to see the results in 2020.

As you look into 2020, it’s time for a makeover of your beauty salon management. Out with the old bad habits and in with a new, more organized and productive business. You’ll notice the difference in your salon culture, in your employees’ attitude, and your clients will notice the difference too. These changes might seem time-consuming or expensive, but with a business tool like Shore, they can all be automated and taken care of for you so you can start the new year with a bang!

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