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Handymen Spill About the Worst DIY They’ve Ever Seen (Death by fan, anyone?)

handymen worst dyi ever seen

Our online booking website supports entrepreneurs in their day-to-day operations; we definitely admire self-starters. But do handymen possess the same admiration for the average DIYers?

Eh, depends on the DIYer.

Courtesy of the World Wide Web (via Reddit) we found nightmare DIY jobs.
Oh what people can do with with $25, a hammer, and good intentions…

Car…house…tomato, to-mah-to

car house tomato

Death by fan

death by fan

School swim team must have loved it

school swim team

*Shrek’s voice* “Layers, lay-ers”


But Elmer’s says “School Glue”!

school glue

“Yes, brilliant. Well done me.”

brilliant and well done

If your ice cubes taste like gas, you’ve got a problem

tubes taste like gas

Buttock facial?

buttock facial

His kids will be in a state of um, shock

kids in state of shock

Wait, watt?

cable chaos

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