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Google Ads – There’s nothing to sweat about

by | 17. September 2019

So now that we’ve got our search results, let’s go from the organic to the paid stuff. Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) lets you do online ads on the world’s biggest search engine. You see these search results all the way at the top with the little green “Ad” in the box next to the internet address. Lots of service businesses start to tremble when it comes to Google Ads, but really, there’s nothing to sweat about. You only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. You define a clearly set budget in advance. Choosing the right target group and the right keywords, maybe even together with a regional limit, are big factors when it comes to the success of your Google Ads for small businesses. Tackling this challenge the right way will in the best case see you reaping the rewards of all kinds of new customers. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Before Google Ads came along, there were classic newspaper ads for small businesses. You could pick the newspaper or magazine to reach a certain target group and/or region, and that was about it. Once bought, your ad was printed in every single edition. Needed to change something? Had to wait for the next edition. And you had to pay for the ad even when you didn’t receive a single response. See the problem? You couldn’t even tell if someone was looking at your ad or not. There’s nothing like Google Analytics for print, so there was no way to know just how effective your ad was.

So much more with Google Ads for small businesses

Google Ads for small businesses gives you exactly what newspapers don’t. You set a clear budget, and only pay when your ad is clicked on. Google automatically stops running it once you’ve used your budget up. You can optimize your ads whenever you want, and track your success. See if your money was well-invested. A big plus for you with Google Ads for small businesses is how you reach exactly the people you’re trying to advertise to. Your ad is shown only to the users who enter specific search words. This makes the chance likely that the users are going to find what they’re looking for, turning them into your soon-to-be customers. As a nice side effect, you’ll also profit from Google’s vast range and countless daily users.

google ads help you grow your business

It ads up

Just like with search engine optimization, you’ll want the right keywords for your ads. We’ve seen things like physical therapists using the name of their city or nail designers using “fingernails.” That’s not the best way to do it. The competition is just too intense to get new customers like this. The hottest keywords have the highest cost per click, and whoever’s paying the most will be the one at the top of the search results. On the other hand, a customer who’s entering “New York” in Google probably isn’t even looking for a hair stylist there. So when getting started, ask yourself three questions:

  • 1. What do you want people to find you for?
  • 2. Is that what they are likely to look for on Google?
  • 3. Are the costs per click going to pay off?

When it comes to the first point, why not try a combination of what your service business does together with your city – something like “New York physical therapist.” You might offer a certain kind of service or treatment that you want people finding you for. Use the Google Ads Keyword Tool to find out if people are searching for you using these words or phrases. You’ll see how often your keyword is searched for in a month, how heavy the competition is, and how much you’ll have to pay for each click. Think about it for a bit. Is the expense worth it, or do you maybe want another keyword? Once you’ve got your ads set, keep a close eye on how well they’re performing, and whether you need to tweak them a bit. The linked business website plays a big role in determining whether an ad is successful or not. Its content needs to fit the ad as perfectly as possible, or the user’s going to be gone in a flash.

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