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Future Proofing Your Company Involves Watching These Films

by | 5. October 2018

We all know the work of how we do work is changing — almost to a scary and dizzying degree Robots replacing jobs — like those of junior lawyers and hamburger flippers–is the most well-known. However robots are only the tip of the iceberg. But what are the considerations you haven’t thought about? Have you thought about “future of work” strategies? It’s time to think about equipping your team for the future. Or else you might be in danger of failing your company.

Is your SME ready for the future of work?

future of work strategies

How businesses manage their day-to-day will change. New standards, like reverse mentoring, and digital avatars will become the norm. Sometimes, a documentary is the best (and entertaining) way to learn about what’s on the not-so-distant horizon. Here are few documentaries shedding light on the philosophies of how and why we work and what’s going to change.

The Moderators

How is it every time you open your Facebook account, as a rule, are never welcomed with pornographic images? Moderators. In this documentary by Field of Vision, showcases the process behind moderating the internet’s biggest platforms. It’s a rare peek into the world of work’s most hidden layer: the work force that moderates content. A very pertinent view for our modern times

Field of Vision – The Moderators from Field of Vision on Vimeo.

One Week Job

This 2010 documentary follows Sean Aiken, a graduate facing a common dilemma for those who have just graduated university: what to do with one’s life. Follow Aiken for a year as he has a new job each week, from stock trader to Hollywood producer. Aiken has 52 weeks to try 52 jobs. He talks with his managers and coworkers on the meaning of work and its impact on our well-being and happiness.

The Future of Work and Death

Digitilization is going to have two fundamental impacts: how we work and how we die. It explores how automation could potentially roll out, making jobs redundant, and how technological singularity could occur in the coming decades. Jobs may become obsolete, but what are the true socio-economical repercussions? If we can automate jobs, can we “automate” our lives by putting of death? Experts on futorology, anthropology and neurology come together to discuss what the future holds for humans in the multidimensional space of livelihood.

Collaboration: On the Edge of a New Paradigm

Filmed and produced by Danish PhD student as part of a thesis, this film comes from a more philosophical perspective on the evolving facet of collaboration as work. It shares how the Internet has changed how science, and research is conducted, examining how we “create knowledge”. The film ranges from Google’s HQ in Mountain View to Denmark’s biology garages in search of how modern research is changing.

Collaboration – On the Edge of a New Paradigm? from Thirdroom on Vimeo.


To give a bit of history how quickly the Internet can uproot industries and change how people work together, “Downloaded” is the story behind Napster, the revolutionary music sharing platform that heralded online sharing in a big way. It showcases the young minds behind it and the calamity it brought to big business.

“One Last Thing”

This documentary delves into how one of the world’s most revered, creative minds viewed the transformation of industries. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, was notoriously obsessed with the details; a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his talent and his known management style of bringing people together to create the most world-changing products.

Steve Jobs – One Last Thing Trailer from Linda MacKenzie on Vimeo.

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