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These Fix-able Mistakes Keep Potential Customers From Following You on Social Media?

by | 9. October 2018

You’re cranking out quality blog posts. You’re writing witty Instagram captions. Customers are leaving raving reviews on your product. And yet…hardly a bump up in number of Followers or Subscribers. What’s going on? Social media is key in customer acquisition strategies.

>Why should a business owner care about increasing Followers?

For entrepreneurs, having a steady increase of Followers means more than becoming “Insta-Famous”, it’s a sign that something is resonating with an audience. That they like your product, or they like your content, or they simply want to receive more of something—whether that’s entertainment or freebies. It’s an encouraging sign.

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Technically, having more Followers means:

  1. You get to keep reminding them of who you or what your brand does. When they first follow, your profile will keep popping up a bit more frequently, especially if they spend a few considerable moments scrolling your page. The Instagram algorithm keeps feeding them images that you post in the coming weeks, which keeps your brand at the forefront.
  2. When you create the “exposure effect”, you build trust. It’s the phenomenon psychologists call when people begin to like things more simply because they become more and more familiar. Maybe that song wasn’t your favorite to hear, but after it being on the radio for a few months, you know all the words. Similarly, as they see your brand more and more, they begin to trust it and like it more.

By building more trust, you’re creating in-roads in what you really want: acquiring a new customer. Because let’s be honest, usually the viewer may not be familiar with your hair salon, coaching site, or shoe store. It takes trust to book an appointment or send money to an unknown business. Your social media can really facilitate a trusting environment for a new customer.

But is your social media working against you?

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Here are the top actions you can take to make sure you’re building trust via your social presence. They’re simple, easy to implement, and can make a huge difference between a person clicking on the “Follow” button and passing along.

1.Make sure social media links are visible

This is not the context to play coy. You have a business to run. Think of social media links as a “Buy Now” links. They’re important and impactful in funneling a potential customer forward. On your website, make social media buttons visibly on the landing page, at the website pages footers, and on every content piece. Share handle names of other social media platforms when you’re using one. For example, when you’re sharing on Twitter, feel free to include your Instagram handle when appropriate.

2. Put up a photo of you and/or your team

Best way to build trust: show your face. When people see a face to a  product or service, they feel they have a stronger sense of who you are. 37% increase in engagement is experienced when Facebook posts include photographs. Photos present a form of familiarity that resonates with authenticity. Cohn & Wolfe, a PR firm, found that most consumers admire honesty about products and services. Show your face and reveal a bit about your personality and/or brand.

3. Go all the way

When you’re doing social media, commit to cranking out content, ‘Grams, or Tweets that build a relationship with your audience. Be about your brand or company. It should focus on business goals, not showing your personal life with a side of you working as a hair salon owner. It should be about customers’s new cuts, celebrating using cruelty-free products, or some other aspect of the hair salon. When you have multiple platforms, spread all content throughout each platform. It takes a bit of time, but it’s worth to target all Followers you have on every channel.

4. Create a professional, error-free online presence

Grammar mistakes, grainy photos, and pages that load incorrectly not only lose you customers—potential customers will remember the distrust they felt when on your site, and probably won’t visit your site again. Invest in creating a webpage and social media that works efficiently. Ask a friend, or hire a professional copy writer to proof read when you write blog posts. Make your website and social media easy to navigate, with functioning links, and appropriate buttons. There is nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to book an appointment and it keeps reading “Error”. Make it a priority to do a double check on your social media links and business webpage to assure that everything is running smoothly.

Your social media showcases your brand and can accelerate your business goals. More eyeballs to your curated Feed, Page, or website means more potential customers. Customer retention techniques should be easier as you’ve created a niche that is easily identifiable. As a business owner, it’s up to you to keep trying new things and see “what sticks” to potential Followers. In the beginning of branding your social media to gain new Followers can be a fun time of experimentation. The more you sharpen your company’s “personality” via social, the right customers will be hitting “Follow”.

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