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Facebook’s New Changes Means a Bigger Win for Small Business: Here’s What Changing

by | 14. August 2018

Facebook is now taking major steps to be on the right side of business history: connecting local businesses with customers easier. Small business owners face considerable hurdles in the digital age. It’s harder to stand out with corporate chains eating at diminishing margins. Compared to decades past, connecting with potential customers has become a full-time position compared to simply running a business. Facebook’s new steps to support local entrepreneurs could mean more foot traffic and  more cha-chings at the cash register.

Here’s what Facebook is doing:

optimization for mobile devices

Optimizing Pages for Mobile

86 percent of purchases are now made through mobile. Local businesses need to keep up with the companies that possess the bigger budgets that have their own apps or tailored mobile experience. Facebook is creating an edge by creating business Pages that are easily navigable. Customers can now easily book a table or a haircut through Pages. Customers can now see your most recent photos (all the more reasons to post Before and Afters), Events, and Offers. Company-owned Pages now can use Stories to document behind-the-scenes moments. Utilize the incredible marketing punch of Stories to showcase your service and win customers.

community recommendations

Community-sourced recommendations

84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as their friends’ recommendations. People want to be certain they’re getting their money’s worth before plunking down their money on a gadget, a vacation, or a haircut. Facebook is putting Recommendations up-and-front on Pages. The more customers that recommend you, the more online trust you build for those who aren’t acquainted with your business yet. Recommendations are a primary method amongst customer retention strategies. Facebook offers locals a great foundation.


Increasing how Events are utilized

Did you know that Facebook Events sell more tickets directly via Facebook rather than through a standalone website? If you host any type of event, consider not only broadcasting it through the Facebook platform, but collecting tickets. It’s a simple solution, especially if you want create an event with multiple small businesses. For example, if you and other independent stores wanted to throw a retail block party, customers can easily purchase tickets. By removing additional steps from the purchasing process increases chances of the purchase.

a great hire

Find your next great hire

With local businesses creating 60 percent of new jobs, Facebook will be expanding their job application tool. The platform aims wants to support business owners finding the best local talent.

local only section

Enabled “local-only” section

Facebook users want to know where to eat, where to shop, and what to do around them. Within the Facebook app, potential customers can now use the “Local” section to view what events and businesses are around them. A separate app, Facebook Local,  continues to support local businesses in showing users with Events they’re friends are attending or what bars they’re visiting.

It may seem a bit ironic—a tech giant supporting the mom-and-pop shop—but for local business owners, these new steps are a huge win. Use the technology and crowd momentum of the platform to leverage your business. Over 1.6 billion people around the world use Facebook to connect with small businesses. Attach your wagon to the star and watch your business win customers.

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