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Only If You Know Yourself, Will You Know How to Retain Customers: Take the Enneagram Quiz

by | 30. July 2018

“A personality test? Really? How is that going to help my business?” Like any smart business person, you know time is precious—and fluff is never on your schedule. Only tools that can help you grow and learn should be a priority. So, how is a personality test going to enable me to attract and retain clients? Science says it may be the best amongst strategies to retain customers.

“Know thyself” may be one of Shakespeare’s famous lines, but the concept is also the root for a successful businessman or businesswoman (and just about everybody else). It sets people apart from the pack. In a TalentSmart study, emotional intelligence (EQ), out of 33 important workplace skills, came out as the strongest predictor of performance. In every type of job. It accounts for nearly 90 percent of what moves people up the ladder when IQ and technical skills are roughly similar, according to Harvard Business Review. It’s the critical foundation for every other professional skill you hone; it would be no exaggeration to say, it impacts nearly everything you say or do during each day.

emotional intelligence

What is emotional intelligence exactly?

It’s how well you identify and manage your own emotions and knowing how to identify and manage the emotions of others. Simple in theory, difficult to execute, and imperative to master as an entrepreneur.
Fortunately, to begin honing this skill is straightforward and can be incredibly engrossing: learn about your own innate values, fears, and goals.

Enter the Enneagram.

It’s a psychological classification tool that classifies personality types. Created by two researchers in the late 1990s, it aims to show what unconsciously drives and how different types get their unconscious needs met. This differs from the Myers-Briggs test which focuses on how your brain works with information.

Take the quiz below to learn which Enneagram Type you are.
Then head, over to the Art of Well-Being for the best explanation of how the system works and more each of the 9 personality types.

If you’re interested in learning more, take the official test. The test costs $12 and takes around 40 minutes to complete. When you’re done, results will be instantly emailed to you.

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