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7 Great Design Ideas for Your Nail Salon

by | 19. June 2018

You’re ready to furnish your nail salon, but still need some inspiration? Look no further. We’ve collected 7 classy salon designs to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re more about jazzy pink, brilliant white or a warm wooden interior – we’ve got it covered.

Before you start

Before you embark on a shopping spree and start furnishing and painting your salon, take some time to think about these questions:

  • What’s actually possible in your salon – and what isn’t?
  • Are there any legal or hygienic requirements to keep in mind?
  • What furniture do you need? The basic equipment consists of a manicure table, two chairs, and ideally a rack or cabinet.
  • What equipment and products do you need? Where do you want to place/display them?
  • How can you create the right light for working and ambiance?

7 Inspiring designs

Once you’re clear about the basic conditions, you can start looking at different styles for inspiration. This is the easiest way to find out what you like best and which “mood” you want to create at your salon.

Pink is beautiful

Walls, furniture and décor in different shades of pink and purple turn your salon into a happy, colorful place with a relaxing, feel-good atmosphere and a touch of romance.

Nature lover

Natural wood is a great material that makes a place warm and welcoming. It goes well with all kinds of natural accessories like plants or stones.

White on white

White connotes freshness, purity and confidence, and makes your salon literally glow. Lamps, mirrors, and anything that glitters create a sense of refreshing, timeless elegance.

Luxurious lounge

This salon is stylish and relaxing at the same time. With its heavy drapes, indirect light and comfy sofas, be assured that your clients will feel at home right away.

Elegant contrasts

Strong light-dark contrasts give your salon a stylish, elegant touch. Black and white are classy and timeless, and can be accentuated with other colors to create a unique design.

Earth tones

Shades of brown are typically associated with nature and convey a feeling of security and comfort. They combine well with light furniture or accessories.

Royal manicure

Pompous manicure tables, opulent chandeliers and rich decorations are the perfect backdrop for an exclusive service that will make your clients feel like real princesses.<

Turn your service into an unforgettable experience

Choosing a tasteful furnishing and interior design is key to success in the beauty business, but so is the quality of your service. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to offer personalized attention and truly customized service. Get to know your clients and their needs. If you do, they will keep coming back and spread the word about you. And if you need some inspiration for your marketing, we’ve put together the hottest marketing trends for your business. Dive in!

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