Customer Management: The Biggest Flubs, the Best Tips

by | 7. August 2018

Customer management is the heart and soul of your company. It’s the basis of great service and successful marketing. But how can you get the very best out of it? What do you have to keep in mind? And just what are some of the things you can really botch when it comes to customer management?
We put together the answers to all of these questions in a nutshell.

Flub #1: Disorganization

There’s nothing more annoying or time-wasting than having to look for information. Customer management means you’re going to have to get organized. If you need a specific customer file, want to check an address, or have to change a phone number, it should be at your fingertips in a snap. Sure, getting organized needs time. But not getting organized means you’ll lose even more time and, in the worst case, vital data and information. Some things eat up your time, and there’s nothing you can do about them. But you can do something about putting your customer data in a place where you can always find it. So get busy making sure you do just that.

In this digital day and age, customer management basically takes care of itself. The right software lets you set up a customer profile with just a few clicks, and automatically puts it in the right spot. Whenever you need a customer’s file, just enter the name in the search field, and you’ll have what you need in seconds – with no risk of putting it back in the wrong place, or losing files and valuable data.

Let software help get you organized! It takes work off your hands, and reliably gets your data and customer files in order all by itself.

Flub #2: Incomplete data

Make sure your customer files are complete. Trying to call a customer only to find out that you don’t have their number is another thing that will cost you valuable time, so that’s something you definitely want to avoid.

Make a checklist of all the information you need. Every time a new customer comes in, go through your list and make sure you put all the details you need in their file. This is an easy, effective way to avoid annoying gaps in your customer files.

Flub #3: Not making a note of useful information

Repeat customers are your best customers. They come in all on their own and are a source of stable income. But they first have to become regular customers. This generally happens only when a customer is not only happy with your service, but also feels at home at your business. And making someone feel at home can be done quite effectively with the help of subconscious little things that might not seem so important at first glance. I’m talking about attention to specific details which give the customer the feeling that you know exactly what they want. Just remembering their name won’t do the trick. Be sure you really get to know your customer. Create a personal, familiar atmosphere that he or she enjoys coming back to.

Start collecting information about your customers. Note down what Mrs. Smith likes to talk about, or how Mr. Brown prefers to take his coffee. Then use these insights to sweep your customers off their feet by delivering an amazing service with a unique, personal touch.

Flub #4: Not maximizing the potential of your customer database

So you’ve got your customer management in order, and all your data is complete. But even then you might not be exploiting its full potential. We’ve already talked about how you can use your customer knowledge to connect with people on an emotional level. But are you also using it for your marketing?

It might seem like a “blast from the past” these days, but an email newsletter is still an effective marketing tool. We already talked about the benefits of a customer management software. Well, some of these solutions – like Shore – actually combine both: a customer database and a newsletter feature which work together like this: The customer database lets you define and categorize your customers into groups (e.g. “Regulars”). When creating a newsletter, you can now add one or more of these groups as recipients with a single click, making sure your discounts, special offers, or the latest news about your business reach the right people.

You might be sick and tired of all the email newsletters you get. But keep in mind that, if used properly, they truly are a very effective marketing tool. That’s why we recommend choosing a customer management software with a newsletter feature. You might turn out pleasantly surprised with what it can do!

succesful customer management

Good customer management is the foundation of your success

Managing your customers doesn’t have to be a hassle. The right customer management can reap all kinds of benefits for you – if you follow these simple rules:

  • Stay organized
  • Make sure your data is complete
  • Collect all relevant information
  • Maximize its marketing potential

These four aspects are the pillars of effective, successful customer management. And they’re best achieved with a software solution. This will get things in order, and actively help you manage and leverage your data. In the end, you’ll have more time for the thousand other things you have to take care of, and your work day will be so much more effective.
Sound good? Why not take a customer management software for a spin? There’s no strings attached, and best of all, your trial is absolutely free!

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