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A Tiny Customer Email List Could Be Your Advantage: How to Make It Yours

by | 14. September 2018

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: email marketing. Perhaps it’s a bit bewildering to you (it still remains a bit of a mystery) or it’s akin to whipping a dead horse (you’ve done it, but nothing really happens). Thanks to GDPR, the email lists you’ve had may even have significantly shortened. Who didn’t take it as an opportunity to unsubscribe?

With a smaller emailing list, is it even worth creating an email when you only have a handful of email addresses?

Should you save your best content when you have a larger list? Should there be an official launch when welcoming a new customer? Or can you just begin slipping them a few emails now and then?

confused customer

Here’s the thing: email subscribers are potential customers. Even if they’ve already bought a product or paid for a service, you’re looking to keep that customer. Sending emails is worth the effort in connecting. It doesn’t matter how big or small that email list is. The value of the content and service you provide as a hairdresser or a life coach doesn’t change depending on how many email addresses you have locked away. Connecting with every person who joins your list is worth it. There is no magic minimum number of subscribers for your list.

What to do?

Connect with a new subscriber immediately. The beauty of email is that the recipient doesn’t know how many (or few) email addresses you have. Play it big. Send them a welcome email. In a world vying for everyone’s attention, it’s important that the subscriber actually remembers who you are. Don’t wait weeks to introduce your service or your company. Otherwise you’ll miss the the chance to make a memorable first impression. Send them the introduction email, stat.

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What do I put in the welcoming email?

Tell them about yourself, share why the service you provide is the best and what was the reason you created it. This should be brief. No more than a few sentences. Show off your most popular posts or content. Link those in the email, so they click and go back on to your website. Usually the most popular posts are subjects your new subscriber would be interested in.

Additionally, figure out what a subscriber’s interests are. If you’re a personal trainer, not everyone is interested in losing weight. Some subscribers may be interested in gaining mass, or retraining a weak muscle. Have subscribers check boxes where subscribers can opt in for things they would actually be interested in. You are then seen as providing helpful content, rather than just taking up inbox space.

For this feature, check out ConvertKit. They easily allow you to make this content curation. Simply type in your content options in “Text” (see below). For example, “I want to learn about gaining weight for my Ectomorph body type” or “I’m interested in receiving beauty inspiration”. Then, when a person hits that link, ConvertKit automatically tags them to have that kind of content delivered to them.

screenshot of convertkit

Take advantage of having a smaller email list

An email list is like any other group of people, the bigger it is, it’s a bit more difficult to understand and manage. With a small email list, you get to understand why these individuals are coming to you. Is it because you’re offering tons of discounts? Or is because you’re the only service in town? Or maybe you’re delivering insights on how they can transform their lives. Whatever the reason, you’ll learn like crazy. Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can, like asking a question at the end of your email. Think of personal questions, like what they do for a living, why did they subscribe, what content they find most interesting, etc. You may get a few responses back—be sure to reply to every response. You can begin building a relationship with even a few subscribers to start!

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