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Simple, Not Scary: Converting Customers Through a Smart Online Booking Form

by | 10. July 2018

Converting online visitors to customers does not have to be a sweat-inducting affair. We’re here to make it simple, not scary. For the DIY entrepreneurs in the crowd, you may creating your own online booking form, or juggling customer appointments with an Excel sheet.

The truth is, you’re leaving money on the table if it’s not digitized.

Time is money. If you’re not careful, online booking can quickly become time-consuming—and lose you valuable customers.
What are the key strategies in converting customers? Can an online booking form make a difference? Even products and experts with the most renowned reputations lose customers if a person can’t find the “Buy” button. In the same way, how you present your services is just as important as the service you provide.

Can’t-Miss-It Booking Form

Make it easy for visitors to pay you money. Imagine owning a bakery. People come in, browse and drool over the delicious breads and pastries, and finally make the decision to order—yes! But they can’t find the counter person to ring up their purchase…the register is hidden in the back of the store. Some people see it. Sometimes the cashier doesn’t see customers. The same frustration pervades when you make a booking form difficult to access on your online space. Make your booking form a prominent feature on your site.

Limit the landing pages

Limit the number of landing pages for your sanity—and your customer’s. Even if you’re hosting a special promotion or campaign, direct traffic to your same landing page. By directing all traffic to one source, you’ll boost your SEO and online visibility.

Establish legitimacy and trust

Reviews can be your best friend in establishing trust for a new client. Incorporate online reviews onto your website. People trust online websites more when they have reviews. Amazon paved the way in making reviews a must-have when purchasing a new product; the tech giant also leads in providing “consumer trust and joy“.  For service providers, this is what can solidify your reputation. To gain more trust, be sure to integrate your social media icons on your page. Not only does it cast a larger net for customer acquisition, but if an account is active, shows customers how seriously you take your business.

Upload more pictures

We’re humans; most of us prefer photos to text (science says so). Cater to our evolutionary preference and add high-resolution photos of your product, store, or training. Like reviews, photos give potential clients familiarity, which breeds trust. Be sure to keep photos professional and high-resolution. If images are fuzzy or not well-shot, it signals customers your service will be sub-par as well. As the saying goes, “Image is everything”, especially when courting new customers.

Create the booking form straightforward

If booking isn’t easy nor reliable, you lose customers. Keep the actual booking form simple and pared-down. Some companies get carried away with the amount of information they request from customers. Focus on the important things: the customer’s name and how to keep reach them in case of an emergency or to follow up with them (like email and/or phone number). If you’re a personal trainer or another service provider that may like a bit more information before an appointment, put in an open-ended comment box. If desired, a customer has the liberty to divulge more of their motivation in working with you.

At Shore, we go beyond an online booking form—we streamline the entire process of managing a business. From smart appointment booking, digital customer management, and equipping you with marketing tools for customer retention, think of us as your personal assistant in running your company.

We handle the daily, so you can focus on the grind.

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