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Convenient Excel Roster Template

by | 5. February 2018

With our free Excel roster template you can create a clear shift plan for your employees in no time.
Either enter the shifts in the table on the computer, or print it out and fill it in by hand.

Simplify your shift planning

Our Excel template is completely self-explanatory. At the top, you simply enter the first and the last day of the week. If you want, you can also enter the calendar week – many people do this as a matter of course or for their own records. The list contains all the days from Monday to Saturday. In the left-hand column you enter the names of your employees; in the line next to each name, you can highlight the hours each person is working on that particular day. The time slots are shown in the top line. Of course you can also print the template and enter the information by hand – it’s completely up to you.

excel roster template

Create a neat shift plan

Our Excel roster template is very clearly laid out; it’s simple and easy to understand, which is a great advantage for you and your business. It rules out misunderstandings, since everyone knows at a glance who is working when. Having the whole week on display instead of individual days makes it easy to get a quick overview of the entire working week. If you want to show a longer period of time, you can create rosters for the entire month at once. Simply use the template to create shift plans for the coming weeks.

Share the shift plan

If you enter shifts directly into the template, you can send the shift plan to all your employees via email or Facebook. Then everyone will know right away when they are working and who they are working with. You can also address discrepancies immediately. Download the free roster template here:

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