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How To Build A Coaching Business Website To Attract More Clients

by | 20. November 2017

When running your own coaching business, you have to cover all bases. So sometimes have to branch out into areas that, let’s face it, might not be your strongest point.

A recurrent pain point for small business owners is building a website. In today’s digital world, over 65% of US consumers say they conduct online research before stepping foot in a store or trying a new service1. This means that your web presence is more important than ever for attracting new clients. However, business coaches often struggle to build an engaging website that effectively raises their profile online and brings in new revenue.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled some tips to help you build a website that reflects the professionalism of your coaching business:

1. Have A Purpose

Your first port of call when setting up your coaching business website should be deciding what you want to achieve with your site. Are you trying to generate new client leads? Are you trying to cement your existing client base? Assess where your business is heading and set a realistic goal your site is trying to support. Then you can push visitors to specific actions, like checking out your social media, booking an appointment, or getting in touch.

2. Focus On Clients

Now that you know the purpose of your website, you can determine your target audience. Remember: your site is about your clients, not you! That means orientating your content around your target audience’s requirements. Asking questions like ‘Are you struggling to employ digital marketing techniques to grow your business effectively?’ appeal to a niche target audience that you have the solutions for. Unfortunately you can’t appeal to everyone, so pick your audience and focus your website content on what matters most to them.

84% of consumers trust online reviews about services just as much as personal recommendations.2

3. Emphasise Success Stories

So, when building your coaching business website, be sure have a page that includes success stories from previous clients. This will raise your credibility and show that your techniques have been tried and tested to be effective. You can make this easier for yourself by employing a platform that lets you manage online reviews and feedback in one place.

4. Have A Professional Design

First impressions count. You can have the best reviews, but if your website design is visually outdated and provides a poor user experience for potential clients, they’ll think again before employing your services. Remember that your site should be optimized for mobile too – so clients can view your services on the move! Companion apps can help you design an attractive site for desktop and mobile that shows your clients you mean business from the second they click through to your site.

5. Make It Personal

Don’t be afraid of getting personal: your clients want to know your story. Be sure to include an ‘About’ page in your site, with a photo and information about yourself, your certifications and coaching approach.Why not include information about your personal interests too? After all, your coaching business is founded on personal connections, so let potential clients get to know you via your site.

6. Provide Online Booking

Clients these days expect flexible booking options. The legitimacy of your business will be enhanced if people can book an appointment immediately via your coaching business website. With an online booking system, clients can reserve at weekends and outside office hours, offering an optimised customer experience that works for them.

a guy builds his own website

7. Blog Away

A blog where you post articles relevant to your niche will also persuade potential clients of your expertise. By sharing your ideas in a blog section of your site, you can convey personality whilst showing off your knowledge too. Share your posts on social media so your clients see that you’re active and on top of new developments. Always make sure your content is written to a high level, and that your blog has a smart design.

8. Use Adwords

What’s the use of building a beautiful coaching business website if no one sees it? Make sure to maximise traffic to your site by using Adwords to ensure your site ranks highly in Google searches for services like yours. This can seem like a difficult and technical task, but an automated service can help you to select keywords and give you control over when and where your targeted ads appear, to make sure they only reach people actually interested in your services. You’ll see more clients discovering your new site in no time.

9. Sell Yourself!

Get to know your strengths as a business coach and make sure to communicate those to your clients on your website. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, why should your clients?


We know the task of building a coaching business website that not only looks beautiful, but also enables online booking and attracts traffic, can seem daunting. For a small monthly fee, Shore’s coaching software equips you with an integrated website builder, a comprehensive online booking system, a customizable Google Adwords feature, and so much more. So you can get set up with a professional and attractive website in no time. Get in touch today to talk about how we can help your business!

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