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How To Run A Holiday Marketing Campaign For Your Beauty Salon

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The lights are up, the tinsel is out, and so are the reindeer sweaters. Yep, it’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a whole festive sparkly world of opportunities for marketing your beauty salon. This is likely to be the busiest time of year for your salon already, so when you’re maxed out with clients it can be tricky to know how to start your festive marketing campaign.

Never fear. We’re here with the rundown on how you can run a successful holiday marketing campaign for your salon that’s sure to spread cheer… and awareness about your business too!

1. Choose your holiday aims

Before kicking off with your holiday marketing campaign, work out what you want to gain from it first. This will ensure you don’t waste resources on marketing campaigns that aren’t specifically directed towards a target. Are you looking to retain existing clients for the January dip? Are you looking to increase sales revenue? Or do you just want more brand awareness in your local area? Know what you want this festive season for your salon and structure your campaign around that idea.

2. Deck the halls!

At this time of year, you want to make sure your salon has an uplifting atmosphere that will make your clients’ experiences extra special. Never underestimate the value of tasteful and original decorations, especially if you’re trying to gain awareness locally. Eye-catching window displays, internal decorations and boards outside your salon will entice new customers in, and add a festive touch to your regular clients’ holiday visit. Why not also put together a holiday playlist to really spread the festive spirit? When it comes to creating a fun holiday aesthetic for your salon, it’s all about the combination of online and offline: make sure your Facebook page and website match your store’s holiday revamp too.

3. Send Holiday cards

We all know that the key to customer retention is keeping in touch with your clients. Why not send them a personalized holiday card to thank them for their business this year? You could include a holiday promotion for them to take advantage of. This will show your clients how much you mean to them. The personal touch will go a long way, meaning your clients are more likely to come back in the new year, or recommend your business to a friend.

4. Create a festive photo booth!

A great holiday marketing technique to try at this time of year is to build a selfie spot or photo booth in your salon for your clients to take pictures in after their treatment. A sparkly background with a few festive themed props, combined with a hashtag specific to your salon, and voilà! A whole new world of user-generated social media content on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat that appeals to your target market and shows off the results of your treatments too. Be sure to repost and engage with them too. Soon you’ll have people queueing to get that snap in your holiday photo booth!

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5. 12 days of salon offers

We’ve all heard the song, but why not run your own ‘12 Days’ in the lead up to the holiday season with a different festive promotion everyday day? That way you can post content about it on your social channels every day, and you can give back to your clients with offers like buy one get one free on treatments, a free massage with your manicure or 20% off color. It’s a great way to generate buzz around the salon as the festive season approaches, whilst giving your clients a special holiday gift at the same time!

6. Party season video tutorials

Did you know that 53% of smartphone users feel more favorable towards companies whose mobile sites or apps provide instructional video content?1 This time of year, your followers will be looking for new looks to try for the party season, so it’s a great opportunity to launch some tutorial videos on your Instagram and Facebook page with festive looks your customers can achieve at home. Keep them short, accessible and fun for maximum impact for your holiday marketing campaign. By becoming their go-to for beauty tutorials, you’ll increase the integrity of your salon to potential customers, meaning you’re likely to be their first call when they want a professional treatment for their big New Years party.

7. O come o come… to a holiday party!

If customer retention is your goal, why not throw a drinks event at your salon in the lead up to the festive season? It’s a great chance to show off all the work you put into decorating your salon, and it also allows you to gather your loyal customers together to thank them for their business. If each one brings a friend, that’s a whole load of potential new clients that’ll be interested in joining your salon’s client base once they’ve been to your salon and seen your passion for your business.


We know that the festive season can be hectic to say the least. Since this is already a busy time for your salon, you might think there’s no need to boost your marketing at this time of year. But by trying these simple holiday marketing hacks, you’ll be sure to see your customer retention rates rise, stellar reviews, and potential referrals too! To help you focus on getting creative with your holiday marketing campaign, why not let Shore handle your administrative tasks for you? Get in touch today to find out more. Happy Holidays!

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