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Captions are the Reason You’re Failing to Market Through Instagram: Try This Instead

by | 12. September 2018

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the premier marketing tools for small business. To create anticipated success. a company’s Insta-game has to be on. Clear, professional-grade photos. A memorable brand. Interesting Stories.

A company can have a beautiful feed and lovely photos, but we’ve been there—click on a cool photo and the caption is well, a little lackluster. Either devoid of personality or perhaps completely unrelated to the photo itself. You’re a business, not an Instagram model that captions with Gandhi quotes.

If you don’t make Instagram captions effectively, you’re missing a big opportunity to grow your business.

Your aim is to interact with your target audience on Instagram. Follow the formula to capitalize on the opportunity to connect.

1. What’s your goal?

Rarely you’re throwing up a Instagram post, just for the sake of posting. Are you marketing your upcoming store opening and want to extend the invite? Or are you trying to show off the newest good delivery? Once you find the goal of the post, begin writing your caption to your audience.

2. Make it personal

Yes, this is a business account. But in the ironic world of Internet World, showing a personal side within a business post reveals the human story that is rarely celebrated. Share the dramas and joys behind your company, the product, or the team. If you’re a vintage clothing seller, tell about how these piece of clothing are perfect for an interview; share about a funny or pleasant interview experience an employee experienced. If you’ve got a beautiful shot of a client’s finished balayage treatment, then tell the story (with permission, of course) of the client’s tough hair journey and how you helped her arrive at this turning point.

3. Create a snippet of education

Instagram is a vibrant sharing tool—which makes it perfect for educating audiences. Share with Followers a snippet of your blog post as a caption. Or give them  a fun trailer for upcoming product launch. Remember figuring out the goal of your Instagram from Step 1? Here’s where you can tie it in beautifully. Tell them how your newest product deliveries contain wonderful ingredients for skin that enhance A, B,  and C. Explain the benefits of the ingredients and how your shop only carries high-quality skincare. Be sure to keep an education-oriented caption to the point.

4. Pose a question

Here’s the caption that could draw more online interaction, like comments. Ask your audience to fulfill a certain challenge, task, or to answer a simple question. If you’re a vegan sports trainer, have Followers comment on how they felt while eating a vegan diet whilst training. Or keep it super simple for those not wanting to write too much. Travel writer and deciding where to head next? Incorporate “I’m trying to head to next: Bahamas or Bali?” Your audience can easily write a one-word response.

A few other question suggestions include:

“When was the last time you…”

-felt confident about the way you looked

-wore a dress

-ate pizza


“Would you ever…”

-consider becoming a Breatharian

-get lip fillers

-live in a camper

Making great captions may take a bit of work to get the hang of. You’re audience already is following you for a reason. Keep on delivering the reason they’re interested in you. Remain a resource for them, giving out tips, encouragement, or entertainment.

Insta-game on.

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