Appear on Google as an LGBTQ+ friendly business

by | 24. May 2022

Whether within the time of Pride Month, or outside of it, the importance of the rainbow flag, and therefore LGBTQ+ friendliness, is growing. In the meantime, the colorful flag can be seen more and more often at a wide variety of companies to show that tolerance and acceptance are lived here all year round, even beyond Pride Month. And Google now also offers the possibility to show transparency in this area. Want your business to show up as LGBTQ+ friendly on Google? We show you how to do this and also clarify the most important questions on the subject!

What does it actually mean to be LGBTQ+ friendly?

In the context of the designation on Google Maps, LGBTQ+ friendliness primarily means tolerance, acceptance, and also safety. Members of the queer community are thus offered a place where they can simply be themselves without having to experience discrimination and the like. Quasi a feel-good place of belonging and solidarity with all. In fact, it has also been shown that the labeling is well received by the community. For many, this takes away the worry of having to deal with homophobic statements or other conflicts of this kind. No room is given to discrimination!

Where is LGBTQ+ friendliness even visible on Google?

LGBTQ+ friendliness is marked on Google in the form of an attribute. So, simply broken down, it appears in the form of a label in your company’s Google listing, on Google Maps, and in search.

The LGBTQ-friendly attribute can be added to your Google profile easily

In addition to that, however, your ratings also speak about your acceptance of the community. So it’s also perfectly okay to ask your clientele how they feel about you and ask them to write a short review for your business. You can then be happy about positive reviews in any case, but also negative Google reviews are nothing bad at all! In this article we explain you why: “Google reviews delete, answer and Co. – The 5 biggest mistakes“.

How can you add the “LGBTQ+ friendly” label on Google Maps?

You definitely want to show solidarity with the community now? No problem! If your business category allows it, you can easily enable the “LGBTQ+ friendly” attribute in your Google Business account in four easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Google business profile.
  2. Access the “About” tab in your Google Dashboard.
  3. Click the Add Attributes section in the List Editor.
  4. Now you can enable attributes, like “LGBTQ+ friendly”, etc.

How can you live and show LGBTQ+ friendliness locally?

The sign of a gender neutral restroom

The designation on Google is all well and good and helps the community find safe places. However, you should not use the label as a marketing strategy to expand your customer base. In the end, you would abuse the logic of the attribute. Here’s what you can implement at your company, for example, to show LGBTQ+ friendliness:

  • Provide gender-neutral restrooms.
  • Host support events for the community.
  • Celebrating Pride Month.
  • Establish general behavioral guidelines (i.e., zero tolerance level for discrimination, etc.).
  • Job postings in inclusive language.
  • Employee training and awareness.
  • And, and, and…

LGBTQ+ stickers to print!

Want to mark your store as LGBTQ+-friendly for all who pass by, too? Then download our embroidery collection and pick a design you like. This way you can express support for the community not only on Google Maps, but also in your storefront.

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