About this blog

What is the Shore Blog?

The Shore Blog aims to help entrepreneurs. As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, life is often not easy. You struggle with the daily challenges, with finding employees, with the authorities – and always with the questions in the back of your mind: Am I managing my business well? Am I keeping up with new developments? Am I doing everything right?

Getting everything right is difficult to impossible. Everyday life is too confusing and hectic for that, and is often turned upside down by spontaneous problems. In this case, our blog should shed some light and be a helping hand. Our content should support, but also entertain.

Therefore you will find on this blog, in addition to our blog articles, free downloads that will make your everyday life as an entrepreneur easier. And maybe our columns or quizzes will put a smile on your face. We would be very happy about it!

LGBTQIA+ topics on the blog

People in the LGBTQIA+ community are an important part of our society. Of course, this also applies to the areas in which Shore operates as a company: in the world of work, in the world of small and medium-sized enterprises, in the world of those who take personal risks by opening their own businesses to offer their products and services.

The everyday work of people from the LGBTQIA+ community is often marked by difficult issues. Can I trust my colleagues? Does the clientele react positively to me? Can I deal openly with the subject?

At Shore, we can’t answer these questions universally. But we wholeheartedly wish for a world in which these questions can always be answered with a “Hell yeah!”. That’s what we want to work for – as colleagues at our sites, as content creators on this blog, as digital accomplices with our products around the world.

That’s why our blog is always dedicated to topics directly related to the LGBTQIA+ community throughout the year. We are trying to bring attention to an important issue – but also to listen. Do you have any comments or questions about our content? Then feel free to contact pride@shore.com.

What is Shore?

Shore is a Munich-based company that offers various solutions that make life easier for small or medium-sized businesses.

The Shore software is the complete digital solution for everyone who wants more: Lightning-fast online appointment booking via website, Google Maps or social channels, reliable customer and employee management, foolproof marketing functions such as newsletters or advertisements and much more!

The Shore software is expanded to include a versatile and mobile POS system that effectively simplifies billing processes and merchandise management. With Shore Pay, even the smallest businesses make it easy and affordable for their customers to pay by debit card, credit card, Google and Apple Pay.