7 tips on how to really get more Instagram followers in 2022

by | 20. July 2022

With Facebook losing relevance, Instagram is playing an even bigger role for businesses. Many would love to jump on the success bandwagon and become an Instagram star overnight – thousands of followers, thousands of likes and a whole lot of fame for the company. But unfortunately it is not that simple. Instagram means one thing first and foremost: a lot of work! But you don’t have to bury your head in the sand now. In this article I’ll tell you my seven secret tips for more Instagram followers!

“500 followers in 5 minutes”

The www is full of guides on this topic à la “Do this and that and get 500 new followers in 5 minutes”. I hate to say it, but just forget it! You can buy 500 followers in 5 minutes, of course. Unfortunately, these are of no use to you if no one likes your pictures or interacts with your content.

Don’t buy Instagram followers!

Simply put, you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers! It may look okay, but the purchased followers won’t interact with your account. Instagram notices this and devalues you in the algorithm. As a result, you will also be shown to your real followers less often in the feed.

I’ve built up several Instagram accounts over the last few years. I always ended up at the point where I thought to myself: “Instagram, f*** you! I’m just going to delete the account now. Period.” I have never done it, because better times will come again. But there will always be days when 10 or even 100 people suddenly unfollow you, depending on your size. Or there’s a new algorithm that doesn’t play right into your hands. Fact is: The way to many Instagram followers costs time and nerves. But it’s also really fun. That’s why I’ve collected my top 7 tips for you – good luck and don’t give up!

#1 Collect interactions

The current algorithm relies heavily on the “engagement” factor. For example, your images will initially only be shown to about 10 percent of your followers in the feed. The more likes and especially comments it gets in the first hour, the more it gets played out. On top of that, you should reply to comments and messages as soon as possible to make the algorithm happy. And if you make the algorithm happy, you have a good chance of being featured on the Explore page. A guarantee for new followers! Also, it’s worth interacting with other users to get more Instagram followers. Just following 500 people and hoping they do it too is not enough. Look at the profiles, leave some comments (you should think of more than “Nice” or “Great profile”) and you will attract more attention. By the way, while we are on the topic of comments: Comments with less than 4 words are considered as bot by the algorithm and do not count for the “interaction ranking”.

#2 Follow the right

Unfortunately, many companies still follow the old familiar “follow-unfollow” strategy. You just follow 100 or 1,000 accounts and hope they follow you too. As soon as that happens, you unfollow them. Because in the end, you want to have a lot of followers, but follow as few as possible – because that looks much cooler. This method has become quite hackneyed and is simply annoying. For me, it has led me to stop following companies as soon as they show up as a new follower. I know they will be gone soon – and so do many others. It is already very suspicious if the person has, for example, 100 followers, but follows 2,000. This screams “follow-unfollow.” Therefore, when building followers, you should only follow accounts that fit your industry as well as target audience and as mentioned in point one, interact and network with them.

#3 Do not use third-party apps

In 2018, Instagram closed its public API (application programming interface). Since then, apps need appropriate permission to access the Instagram API and must be approved. This started a campaign against fake engagement generated by means of third-party apps. Since then, many such apps have disappeared from the app stores. Nevertheless, you can still find some there, with which you can track your followers, for example. As tempting as it sounds, for example, to see who exactly is unfollowing you, you’d better keep your hands off of that! For one, you have to keep in mind that you are giving these apps full access to your account – after all, you have to enter your login details. This increases the likelihood of your account being hacked or your data falling into the wrong hands. Also, you have to expect that Instagram will “punish” you and throttle your reach or in the worst case suspend your account for some time or completely. I’ve had bad experiences with this myself, using a follower app to see who was unfollowing me. After that, my range went down abruptly and I never got back to the old level. Other users have even reported that their accounts have been temporarily or completely suspended after using such apps. Who wants that!

#4 Post high quality content regularly

A real classic: You read this tip in every article on the subject, but it’s simply true. To keep your followers growing, you need to deliver new posts on a regular basis. After all, people follow you to see something. One post per day is definitely enough. If there are too many posts, a few followers will quickly jump away. Here, too, I have made the test. I didn’t post anything for two months a while ago – simply because I needed a little social media break – already after one week the number of followers decreased bit by bit. As soon as I uploaded another picture, I got a whole new batch of followers. However, when it comes to photos, you should also pay great attention to the quality and style. Especially as a company, you should not post pixelated much too dark photos of unsightly things. That way no one will follow you. Edit your images, make sure they’re varied and match each other – and your business, of course. Since you probably don’t have a budget for a photographer or photo editor, Instagram’s editing features and a filter will already help you. This way you’ll manage to bring a unified look to your images.

#5 Participate in challenges or organize one yourself

If someone were to ask me for my absolute top tip, here it is: Join challenges! In some cases, this has given me 50 followers in one fell swoop. Many larger accounts host so-called Instagram Challenges. Here, for example, you are supposed to post a picture on a certain topic every day for a month. The most beautiful photo will then be shown by this account and you of course linked. This way, numerous users will become aware of you and if they like your profile, they will follow you. Of course, it’s important that you participate in challenges that fit your Instagram audience.

If you already have a few followers and have built up a small community, you can also organize a challenge yourself. For this, it’s best to team up with one or two other accounts – after all, there’s a lot of work to be done! Plus, you’ll benefit from more reach if you get more people on board. Through the many links and mentions during the challenge, Instagram will reward you with a huge reach (see point one) and you can not save yourself from new followers.

#6 Participate in Follow-Trains

Follow-what? Anyone who dives into the Insta universe will sooner or later be confronted with so-called follow trains. Basically, the idea is that everyone who participates follows everyone else. This is how everyone extends their reach. The whole thing comes in different formats. Sometimes a private account is created for this purpose, to which you are invited by the admins of the train. Then when it goes off, for example, you have 7 days to follow everyone else. But there is also the post variant, where you have to tag several people under a post, for example, and follow everyone who has commented themselves. A follow train can bring you really many followers in one fell swoop, but you also have to be aware that many will disappear after a certain amount of time. They simply used it to boost their follower count and then disappear never to be seen again. So my tip is to find a train that is only for accounts from your niche. Here, participants are much more likely to be eager to meet new profiles and end up staying. I gave it a chance some time ago – mainly out of curiosity – and took part in a comparatively small train with about 300 people. In the short term, the campaign brought me about 200 new followers, of which about 150 remained in the end. But: the follow train was limited to a very small topic niche.

#7 Network with other profiles

If you want to gain a lot of Instagram followers, you certainly can’t get around this point: you have to network! Find a few Insta Buddies with whom you regularly share, link, comment on posts, etc. Why this is so important? Again, point one plays a big role here, because Instagram likes it when people interact with your content and link to you. This shows the algorithm: Hey, this account is important and exciting for other users! But allied profiles also help you stay on the ball in your Insta niche – so you’re always the first to hear about trains, challenges, contests, etc. In addition, you can “advertise” for each other. This is called a shoutout, by the way. In this case, you present another profile in the story or in the feed and call your own followers to look at or follow the profile.

Ready to go?!

Now it’s your turn to jump into the Instagram fray and try out my tips. You will see, with time the work will pay off and you will get more and more followers.

Here you will find a summary of all the important things:

  • Do not buy followers
  • Interact with other accounts
  • Follow other accounts only if they match you
  • Post high quality content
  • Participate in events and follow trains
  • Network with other profiles


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