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7 Steps To Satisfied Beauty Salon Customers

by | 22. May 2018

Satisfied customers mean a more constant revenue stream and a more relaxed beauty salon owner (that’s you!) While it’s always important to attract new customers, it’s crucial to focus on the ones you’ve already got in the salon chair too. Did you know that it costs five times more to secure new clients than to hold onto your existing base?1

Building a trusted and happy client base is all about giving them the best experience possible from the moment they enter your salon. They’re expecting five-star pampering: so you’ll need to make sure your customer service, treatments and beauty salon environment are all up to scratch.

Here are 7 essential tricks for keeping your beauty salon customers satisfied, so they’ll always come back:

1.Set the Mood

Your clients want to feel relaxed and looked-after as soon as they walk in the door. Start your journey to 100% client satisfaction by thinking about how you can make your salon environment the best it can be. Scented candles set a mood of tranquility straight away. A calming playlist in the background can help your customers feel at home in your salon.

Think about how to use your space to make your salon aesthetically pleasing, with an inviting waiting area and professional treatment space. It’s a given that your salon should be spotless and clean too. Never underestimate the environment can have on your client’s experience, so making your salon look beautiful is your first step to a sparkling customer experience at your salon.

2. Simple Booking Procedures

If your clients have already had trouble trying to book into the salon, they’re hardly going to be in a great mood when they arrive. With 52% of bookings taking place outside of office hours, be sure to provide your clients with a flexible and simple way to book. This may not occur inside your salon, but beauty salon owners often forget that the booking process counts towards a salon experience. You’ll want your customer’s complete journey to be seamless and straightforward: from discovering your salon, to booking in, to their treatment when they arrive. An online booking software makes your salon look professional, and makes life easier for your clients, meaning they’re more likely to rebook a second time.

provide your clients with a flexible and simple way to book

3. Personalize All The Way

Customer service these days is so much more than a ‘have a nice day’ as your customers leave. According to a recent report, 59% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decisions.2 That means your clients will be expecting a bespoke and personalized experience at all stages. Start by using their name when they walk in the door. Ask them about their children or their job; remember how they like their coffee and their cut and blow dry. A database of clients where you can easily access information about your clients will help with this. Soon enough, when a client walks in the door they’ll feel like an old friend, and they’ll keep coming back for that tailor-made personalized experience.

4. Get Your Staff On Board

If you’re busy working away to provide the ultimate experience for your clients, it will all go to waste if every single one of your employees isn’t following your lead too. There’s nothing worse than an inconsistent customer experience caused by poor communication among employees. Ensure that all your team follows the same guidelines for how to address customers, how to communicate with them, how to behave within your salon, and how to carry out specific treatments. You want each of your employees to be able to channel their unique personality into their job, but you also want your customers’ experience to be consistent and seamless. So they don’t just remember you and your passion, but the atmosphere and experience of your entire salon.

5. Go Above And Beyond

60% of customers say they’ll pay more for a better experience.3 So why not have a think about extra gestures you can do for your clients that provide the icing on the cake of an already great blow-dry or manicure. Why not offer to top up their parking meter for them, or lend them an umbrella for the walk home? Your clients are busy, and they want their time in your salon to be extra special. So why not go above and beyond what’s expected of you? In return, you’ll get praiseworthy reviews online and maybe even personal recommendations as well. This might seem like a big effort in the moment, but trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run!

6. Special Offers For Special Clients

Got a few clients that are particularly reliable? Why not reward your beauty salon customers with special offers to show them how much they mean to you. You could offer them a stamp card that means they’ll get their 8th treatment for free. You could give them a discount on particular products from your salon, or give them money off their next treatment if they refer your services to a friend. At the end of the day, everyone loves a discount! And with so many other salons that your clients could take their business to, it’s important to make sure your clients know how much you value them and their service, in order to make sure they’ll come back again soon.

7. Smile!

You might not realize it, but as the manager of your beauty salon, your attitude is infectious. Come in moaning and groaning, and this will affect the whole atmosphere of your salon. But arrive at your salon with a smile and a positive attitude, and it’ll show in a more friendly and uplifting experience for your beauty salon clients. This means they’ll have a better time in your salon, and will be much more likely to return. So approach each day in your salon with a sunny outlook. You never know how it might affect the growth of your business!

In today’s day and age, standards for customer service are higher than ever. To keep your beauty salon customers satisfied and guaranteed to return, you’ll need to go above and beyond. Thankfully, these simple tricks will mean you can deliver a sparkling service no matter how busy you are. For more time-saving tricks for happy and reliable customers, check out how Shore can provide you with automated business solutions. So you can get back to living out your passion as a beauty salon owner.

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