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7 Online Coaching Business Tools To Grow Your Business

by | 22. January 2018

When running your coaching business, it can sometimes feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You need to be providing the excellent service your clients expect, whilst also marketing those services, networking, managing the finances and overseeing your business. So when it comes to growing your business, we know this might seem like a time-consuming and daunting task. Luckily, we’re in the 21st century and there are a number of super-helpful online coaching business tools to help you streamline the running of your business. So you can take your business to the next level.

1. LinkedIn

Growing your coaching business is about making connections and expanding your client base. With 80% of business-to-business leads being formed via Linkedin, creating a page for your coaching business and using it to build a network is a great opportunity for growth, in particular if you’re looking to partner with companies to offer your services. Say goodbye to endlessly seeking out businesses on Facebook or emailing potential partners: by making LinkedIn your primary networking channel you’ll have endless potential business partnerships at your fingertips. Join groups relating to your business and your target market, and use ads to directly reach potential clients to help you raise your professional profile to the right audiences.

2. GSuite

The golden rule of running your own business is staying organized. Having your materials, contacts, emails spread out across different platforms wastes time, and it can get pretty stressful when you need to locate that all-important document on the go. So your first port of call for keeping organized will be GSuite: Google’s package made up of Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Sheets. Reach out to customers via a business email, store your coaching materials in an easy to access online database in Drive, and share your ideas with ease using Slides. Be sure to set up GSuite across mobile and desktop devices, so you’ll have all your resources in one place wherever you are.

Google Suite help you run your business

3. Zoom

As you continue to expand your coaching business, you’ll need tools that help you go international. If you’re conducting an online coaching session, a poor connection or low quality audio just won’t cut it, and your clients are likely to choose another path. Zoom is the key to consistently reliable video calling. Integrate it with ease into your calendar and other apps, conduct group sessions with their conference call feature and group messaging options too. This coaching business tool will mean you can ensure your coaching sessions are slick and professional, even across time zones.

4. Canva

In order to increase your client base, you’ll need to be getting the word out about your business via a variety of methods. In today’s constantly connected age, one marketing channel simply isn’t enough. You’ll need online newsletters, leaflets, business cards, blogs and more. What do these methods all have in common? They all need a slick and professional design that reflects your professionalism as a business coach. With Canva, you can quickly and easily design these marketing materials so your brand looks as good as it sounds, whether your clients are checking out a newsletter, reading a leaflet or receiving your business card.

Keep track of your to do's

5. Wunderlist

With all the many things you have on your plate, it can be easy to forget things. From the coaching appointments to the networking events to the article deadlines and conferences, it can be hard to keep track. Another great online coaching business tool to maximize your productivity and save you time is Wunderlist. It’s a simple but effective to-do list system for desktop or mobile, with reminders and alerts and integrations with your other applications. So you can keep on top of the work you need to do.

6. Typeform

Want to encourage your clients to get in touch via a form? Want to collect data about your clients to help you direct the future of your business? Want to generate feedback about how you can improve? If you’re trying to secure information from your clients, Typeform will be your best friend for simple online forms which aren’t a pain for your clients to complete. Data is the key to growing your business via informed decision-making: by using Typeform you can work out your areas to improve, areas you’re succeeding in, and specific areas to target to take your business to the next level.

7. Shore

The most useful digital coaching business tools are ones that help you cover all bases in one streamlined tool. Shore saves you time and hassle by bringing website design software, online appointment scheduling, automated reminders, Adwords and digital marketing management, a client database and so much more into one simple business companion. Since it has been proven to increase revenue by up to 35%, it’s the ultimate tool to help you grow your business from a passion pipedream to a reality.

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It’s easy to forget sometimes that running your business is just as important as providing a top class service to your clients: if your business management isn’t working, neither will you! In this day and age, there are a number of helpful online coaching business tools which will help maximize productivity and minimize stress. So you can take your business to the next level and focus on what’s important to you. Get in touch with Shore today to find out how we can help you grow your coaching business.

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