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10 Tricks to Improve Customer Satisfaction

by | 27. September 2017

Customer Loyalty

Time is money and money is time. This is not only true for you and your business, but also for your customers. Maybe you have a great reputation, however, if it’s faster and more convenient to book a table or service at your competitor; you will lose a lot of potential customers. In this article I will illustrate the top 10 ways to improve customer satisfaction.

In an era where convenience and mobility play such an important role, it is vital to maintain your market positioning, and strive to be seen as an advantage over other service providers. Just think, your customers are probably doing online banking, booking trips by the swipe of their fingertips on their mobile devices, etc. Why should making a reservation or an appointment be more difficult? The reality is, customers do not want to phone to make a reservation or fill out a booking form and wait 24-48 hours for an answer.

So, in a world of strong competition, how can you make sure that your customers stay repetitive? Convenience and service are essential factors here. The answer to this question can be found in monitoring and learning from your customer.

1. Convenience, Convenience, Convenience…

This cannot be said enough! An online booking system on your website, Facebook page or app allows customers to check appointment availability and book on the go in a matter of a few seconds. Nowadays many small businesses offer online booking, so it is essential to stand out. For example, wouldn’t it be great if your customers could access your social media platforms directly whilst booking an appointment? Let’s say a new customer wants to make a hairdresser appointment. He or she might need an extra push to make that commitment.

So, if you integrate social media icons in the booking widget on your website, potential customers can click on your Facebook page and see pictures of your salon  or different hair styles you may offer for example. This may be the extra push your potential customers needs to click that “book” button. Just think, if you’re looking to book a hotel room, you would book the one with the most pictures and information instead of one with no pictures.

2. Error Free Assistance

Let’s get real. We’re all humans, and as much as we may wish to be, we are not perfect. We can see this often when making appointments or setting meeting times with friends. For example, a customer might call and make an appointment for “Tuesday” you may think that he or she obviously means this coming Tuesday and put it in your calendar, no questions asked. However, she might be thinking of next Tuesday. All these little misunderstandings can lead to an unstructured and time consuming appointment booking system.

With an online booking system, a computer takes care of all of these little details that usually might get lost in communication. You avoid all the possible misunderstandings that can happen when a customer books over the phone. All the information your customers need is automatically sent to them. For example:confirmation, address, date and time, as well as the person they will have the appointment with. In addition, the booking system can send a reminder mail or text message before the appointment.

Nobody wants to make an appointment, and arrive having to wait for long periods of time due to errors in planning or poor organisation. Making sure to have an error-free and convenient appointment booking system, as well as going that extra step by sending reminder mails or texts will definitely go a long way in terms of customer satisfaction!

3. Run Promotions

In order to ensure high customer satisfactions, it is important to attract new customers while also keeping existing customers happy. This can be extremely simple with the Shore software, for example. Reward your repeat customers by sending them newsletters about special offers. Retrieve new customers with online promotions. The opportunities are endless.

4. Interact with your Customers

Positive experiences through interactions are vital for customer satisfaction. Here, automated email and text message reminder play a large role. With the Shore software, you can send an endless amount of text messages and emails to your customers. These include automated and manual mails. The more positive interaction your customers have with you, the more likely they’re to be satisfied with your service.

So, why not remind your customers of upcoming appointments, wish them a Merry Christmas or ask them for feedback? All these types of interactions are super simple and make all the difference!

5. Easy Cancellation

Many customers feel uncomfortable when having to call and cancel an appointment or reservation. While many first time customers may just not feel the need to call at all, as no harm is done in their eyes.

By creating an easy online way to cancel an appointment, without having to speak to someone, more customers will let you know if they cannot make it, resulting in a decrease in the number of no-shows.

6. Build Trust

If your website looks malicious or like a spam site visitors are likely to exit immediately. Your website needs to look, feel and BE trustworthy. Online trust should be placed at the top of the list of priorities when integrating your online booking system with your website.

A secure online booking system will allow your customers to make a reservation with your business without fear that their information will be stolen or hacked. Otherwise, a frustrated client will simply find another service provider if it’s too difficult or unsafe to make their reservation using your website.

7. Ask for Feedback

There is always room for improvement, and if your customers see that this is important for you they’ll respect you more. Why not ask them to rate your product or service every now and then after their appointment. This way they can tell you exactly what they like or dislike. Not only do you give your customers a chance to speak their mind, but you also benefit from tips in order to make your service the best around.

Shore’s simple and reliable feedback function makes it possible.

8. Be Bookable Around the Clock

The longer a potential customer has to wait in order to book an appointment the more likely he or she will forget to book it at all, or will simply book it with your competitor. Therefore, it is increasingly important to give customers the ability to book online 24/7. How many times have you called the Doctor’s office and heard that annoying answering machine telling you that you have called outside their office hours?

This has a lot to do with the 2nd point mentioned; convenience. Allow your customers to book when they get home from work, after they’ve put their kids to bed, or on a sunday morning while reading the newspaper. Give them the freedom and the opportunity to book when the time is right for them!

9. Get Personal

Isn’t it a nice feeling when you go to an appointment and they remember exactly how you like your tea or coffee? Or, how about if they ask you about that wedding you talked about the last time you were there? These small gestures of interest and remembrance  make all the difference.

With the Shore software you can keep all these notes in one place under customer profiles. For example, if your customer likes their coffee black you can write this under their profile. The next time they have an appointment this info will be shown and you can surprise them with their favorite drink just the way they like it!

10. Don’t Forget your KPIs

It is important to keep track which services are the most appreciated or which offers are less popular. With Shore, you can always have an overview of this information. You can see just how many times a service has been booked. Maybe, your customers are unaware of a service you’re offering and are going somewhere else to get this service.

By measuring your KPIs you can promote services that may not be doing as well as others and see how you can even better the services that are doing well in order to keep a great reputation.


Customer satisfaction should play an important role within your business. An online booking system that is connected with a CRM system will help your business to measure customer loyalty, identify unhappy customers and increase revenue. Also, it can be that one vital difference that puts you ahead of your competition.

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